10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Email Autoresponder


Most bloggers use Autoresponders to drive traffic, engage deeper with readers and increase profits. But how many of these bloggers are using practical strategies to get the most out of their autoresponders, over and above what autoresponders are programmed to do?

1. Use Autoresponders To Showcase Your Offline Businesses

Many companies have an offline presence as well. For example, if you sell clothing online and have a customized dressmaking business offline, use your autoresponder to showcase what you do offline. An email about your latest clients, designs and successes offline will generate interest in those living in your area. You will increase your offline business considerably by doing this. Plus, if a local customer’s just bought an item from your online store, offer them a discount coupon for your offline store. At your offline store, offer discount coupons for your online offerings. Use your autoresponder to tie in both your businesses in a seamless way; you will increase the sales from both sides.

2. Use Autoresponders To Expose Archival Content

You post valuable content day and in day out, and as each day passes, your archives grow fatter. Surely you should be continuously benefitting from your archival content, and not be satisfied with meager exposure? Engineer an autoresponder sequence to reintroduce your readers to the best of your archival posts. Imagine how much traffic you can drive towards your old posts this way!

3. Use Your Autoresponder To Leverage Upsells

Follow up product purchases by offering similar, relevant products. Create incredible value by offering a discount on the second product. The two products, whether they’re your own or affiliate products, must be related and relevant to each other. By using an autoresponder to do this automatically ups your chances of a second sale within days of the first one.

4. Use Autoresponders To Promote Your Affiliate Programs

If you have a highly recommended product that could use some promotion, create a mixed promotion of your product and an attached affiliate program. Add both to your autoresponder sequence and drive up sales for both products. Slip in the promotions at predetermined intervals so that people are always aware of what you’re promoting and selling. By adding a promotional email to your autoresponder sequence, you can keep earning as long as you’ve got subscribers.

5. Use Autoresponders To Deliver Paid Course Content

So many people take up courses online. The thing is, one needs to be online to study for these courses. How about using an autoresponder to deliver that day’s study material, along with post-study-questions in tutorial format? Your course subscribers will be delighted, especially if you use intelligent coding to make the course content interactive and more interesting.

6. Use Autoresponders To Re-Launch Your Products

Your new subscribers might not know about the products you’ve launched in the past. So include a product re-launch into your autoresponder, initiating an automatic, mini-promotional of that product. You can even offer a discount to your new subscribers a few days after they’ve subscribed.

7. Use Autoresponder Mix Sequences To Keep User Interest High

Don’t just sending out boring newsletters everyday – mix it up. Create a sequence where you send a newsletter on the first day of the week, a promotional email on the second day, archival posts on the third day, niche education on the 4th. You get the idea. Don’t structure it too tightly; keep it loose and keep the reader engaged.

8. Customize And Personalize Your Autoresponder

Grab your reader’s attention with the subject line; include your recipient’s name, a greeting and a little bit about your email’s purpose. Highlight specific points within the body that you want the reader to grasp. Keep the text density low and include a call to action even if it is just an update post. Include several links back to your website – whether it’s old posts, products, and promotional links and so on.

Make sure you include your contact information in every email you send. Based on your readership’s demographical metrics, determine the best frequency for emails, along with the best time of the day or week. All these aspects will get you the most out of your autoresponder.

9. Use Autoresponders To Impart Free Niche Education

Use your autoresponder to set up a series of emails, each one focusing on some aspect of your niche. Walk your readers around valuable niche information that they may not be aware of. You can later on develop an eBook using this content and sell it on your blog.

10. Use Autoresponders To Create Themed Series

As an additional value to your readers and a way to shoot readers deep into your site, compile a themed series of posts. For example, look up posts that fall into a particular theme or niche story. All blogs have related content that makes great sense when presented in a series. Stick to a set of 10 themed posts and then start another.

This article is written by Dean from Website optimization company Invesp. Invesp was founded in 2006 and has helped more than 200 businesses in improving their landing pages, website usability and increasing online sales.

 10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Email Autoresponder


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