3 Months Into a Blog: Traffic So Far

So, today, I’m just quickly going to show you my SUCCESSFUL blog. I launched three at the same time (one being this blog that you’re reading right now, which is by no means unsuccessful) but this one is the stand-out blog for both organic traffic and social traffic.

I’m an impatient so-and-so and had hoped for even more traffic, but as you’re about to see from my screenshot, I can’t complain at the growth this blog has experienced. I’m probably going to be able to increase my traffic a huge amount more over the next few months too, and if my growth continues at this rate I expect this blog to be earning me decent money pretty soon!

The blog has grown not only in traffic but in Page Rank, and is already at PR3! Not bad for a few months of working on it.

trafficgrowth 300x99 3 Months Into a Blog: Traffic So Far

Above is my taffic by week, and as you can see, with one or two minor exceptions, my traffic has grown and grown. I’m currently receiving over 100 hits a day just from google, and I hope this will within 18 months reach 10,000 a day (ambitious but DEFINITELY possible).

Of course, as with most things in this game, a lot depends on niche. Bear in mind that this is not the most profitable niche, but I have my reasons for going into it and I will be able to monetise strongly as the traffic grows and grows. The blog is definitely paying for itself as it stands, and within a few months will hopefully be paying me a small but helpful income.

On top of this, I plan to use the blog and my experiences growing my traffic and page rank in such a short time to write my first ever small eBook, which will be available to readers of this blog very soon! It will feature on page and off page SEO methods, keyword research methods and backlinking methods on how you can achieve such a high PR and solid traffic growth on your own blog. Sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know (and maybe even get a cheeky discount).

 3 Months Into a Blog: Traffic So Far


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