7 of the Coolest Vending Machines in the World

vending 7 of the Coolest Vending Machines in the World

Who doesn’t love a vending machine? They are practical machines that can be found in the most obvious of places, and the strangest of places. They can also be filled with everything and anything. From small village vending machines where they take the place of shops and they are filled to the brim with staples like cheese and bread. To theme park queue machines full of treats like ice cream and chocolate to keep you going while you wait in the sunshine for hours all for a two minute thrill.

Here are 7 of the Coolest Vending Machines in the World:


The Chicago Salad Vending Machine

Keeping up to date with the health-conscious consumer, this salad vending machine from Farmer’s Fridge sells only fresh salads, nothing else. The brain-child of a man in his 20′s who shrugged off a huge promotion in favour of bringing a modern, healthy vending machine to the masses, is full to the brim with high quality organic salads and healthy treats. Needless to say his enthusiasm wasn’t shared by many, but the machine has done well in it’s otherwise uninspiring food court surroundings. It’s made out of reclaimed wood, displayed on fake grass and surrounded by beautiful, real greenery. It’s refilled at 10AM every single day and the food that doesn’t get purchased from it is donated to a local charity.

Tubz Sweets Vending Machines

Everyone likes sweets from their favourite companies and everyone likes to have them in a tidy neat solution. UK company http://tubzvendingfranchise.co.uk/ has been providing this for a number of years now and though they may not seem as exotic as some of the other machines on offer here, in a lot of ways they’re equally as innovative – though understatedly so.

The Amazon Kindle Vending Machine

A bit of an experiment on Amazon’s side, the Kindle vending machine can be found in lots of different places throughout the USA. They sell the entire range of Kindle products, from the latest Kindle Fire, to accessories and adapters. They have been cropping up since 2013 and Amazon has every intention of continuing to roll them out. So if you fancy making a true impulse purchase, this is how you do it!

The Bra Vending Machine

Let’s face it, Japan is famous for its weird and wondering vending machines and we’re all aware of what some of them dispense! The latest unusual addition is a bra vending machine in Tokyo.

Located within an underwear shop, the machine dispenses a wireless bra labelled the ‘fun fun week’ bra and if you one it will set you back around £17.00 pounds.

The Swapping Machine

One of the coolest vending machines around, the ‘Swap O Matic’ is a modern way to recycle and reuse unwanted items. The machine, based in New York, has been designed to change the mindset of those unconsciously living in a ‘throwaway culture’. The machine requires you register using an email address and just by doing this you receive free credits. Donating any item gives you additional credits which can be used to ‘buy’ any item in the machine. Despite the ‘flag system’ the machine is still open to abuse as what you put in and take out is not monitored.

Recycled Book Vending Machine

An amazing environmentally friendly idea, the recycled book vending machine allows you to purchase any book within the machine for just $2.00. You are then encouraged to donate the book back when you are done with it. All proceeds go to a local charity so it benefits a lot of different causes all at the same time.

The Original Art Vending Machine

Ever wanted to buy an original piece of art from a vending machine? We’re guessing you never thought you could! These machines have been in the making since 1997 and are very attractive, having been formerly used as cigarette vending machines. There are around 100 of these machines across the USA and each machine contains lots of cigarette sized original works of art all created by local artists and contributors. For original art, sold in an original way, pay a visit to an original art vending machine.

Lego Vending Machine

Don’t pretend this isn’t one of your wildest dreams come true, even the biggest kids love Lego! This colourful vending machine placed randomly on a train station in Munich is a sight to behold if you love these colourful little bricks. It dispenses a huge range of lego toys and accessories for kids of all ages to play with on a long journey.

 7 of the Coolest Vending Machines in the World


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