Dollars Per Day was launched in 2012 by Ben, an aspiring entrepreneur and blogger. The idea of this website is to take you through the trials and tribulations of making a living online, and making money out of your blog; Ben’s main goal. I will go through how to run your blog, drive traffic and monetize your content.

It is called Dollars Per Day as Ben is setting himself goals of how much money he would like to be earning per day from his web presence. He will be documenting his goals and how he goes about achieving them, all the while sharing insights into how to make money out of affiliate marketing, adsense and other advertising platforms, eBooks and more.

This website uses the WordPress platform, and as well as blogging about the monetization aspect of a website, Ben also talks about the functionality of WordPress, how to run a blog, drive traffic to a blog and optimise your site for Google and other search engines.

By following Ben’s journey from Beginner to expert, hopefully you’ll be able to progress at the same level and learn from both the successes and failures of a (hopefully) professional blogger.

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