Ad Injection: The Best Advertising Plugin For WordPress


“The best” posts are always a gutsy move when it comes to the ever-changing world of WordPress. However, in my time creating Niche and authority sites, I have uncovered a few gems, and this plugin definitely deserves a mention. Ad Injection truly is the best WordPress plugin for those who are hoping to do certain things with their site, and to optimise the capacity it has to get people to click on ads. Of course, it’s all above board, and I’m not talking about making your adverts obtrusive or cheating your readers into clicking PPC ads, I’m simply talking about having the most control you can have over adverts without being a master programmer.

Ad Injection was made by Review My Life (Link to their website), and from what I can gather was made by a guy who was already creating niche and authority sites, but wanted to optimise the capacity to insert (or “inject”) ads into these sites. The best thing about it? It’s completely free! I seriously love it when people make high quality plugins for free and hope they’re reaping the rewards in tons of other ways.

What are the key features of Ad Injection?

  • Insert ads in sidebars. This is cool, and there are tons of plugins that will let you do this (or if you know even a tiny amount about HTML you can do it yourself) but the parameters it gives you such as margins and padding, aligning and rotating are absolutely great.
  • Insert ads in Pages and Posts. This is what I was really struggling with. I could do the whole coding every post/page thing but it’s a real pain in the face, Ad Injection lets you have control over every page or every post and to set which ads you want, and where you want them to appear. You can put your ads at the top of the post, at the bottom of the post, or at a “random” place (which you can even set yourself, E.G. after the third paragraph).
  • Set ads by category. I haven’t put this to use yet, but I’m thinking it could be really useful for those making big sites covering loads of different topics.
  • Controlling when ads appear (and to whom), you can set ads so that only three appear per page, so you don’t go over your advertising network’s recommended amount of ads. You can even block IP addresses from seeing ads on your site. I block my own to avoid accidental clicks!

There are loads more great features of Ad Injection, but these are the ones which struck me as particularly cool. I’ve been using the plugin for a while now and would recommend it to anybody. It’s increased my CTR too!

 Ad Injection: The Best Advertising Plugin For Wordpress


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