Adbrite Review

With a constant need for CPM and pay per click advertising platforms to accompany and compete with Google Adsense, many people turn to the Adbrite platform. Adbrite is often touted as an alternative to adsense, and runs in a very similar way in that you implement their code and get paid based on the amount of views and clicks.

I was told before testing out Adbrite that it wasn’t quite as good as Adsense and that I shouldn’t expect the same returns, but with many people being rejected from the Adsense platform or even having their accounts banned, I thought it would be good to test out as a backup strategy, just in case (heaven forbid) anything happened with my other methods of monetisation.

Installing Adbrite Ads

Okay, this part was just as simple as Adsense and other ad platforms. No great difficulty if you know your stuff when it comes to wordpress and have a basic grasp of html. I am using the awesome Ad Injection plugin to install the ads on my sites and I find it works a treat, though I’m thinking of switching to Intellitheme soon as I hear its ad implementation is really easy and it tracks your ads well, too. Either way, it’s just a case of generating the code on the Adbrite publisher dashboard and copying and pasting. Easy.

What Kind of Ads Show Up?

Okay, this is where I’m going to start being pretty critical of Adbrite, so be prepared! The ads that were generated on my sites I found in many cases spammy, poorly designed, obtrusive looking, distracting from my content and not the kind of thing I want associated with my websites. I even had those fake “congratulations, you’ve won” adverts appearing on my site. I got the occasional big name and legitimate looking advert, which is what I think the guys at Adbrite should focus on getting more of, but a lot of the advertisers seemed like scam artists, and I wasn’t keen to have them on my site particularly.

How Do They Convert?

I’m at about 60,000 views, and have a click through rate of roughly 0.3% which means I get less clicks per thousand visitors than a lot of other advertising platforms such as Infolinks. However, I have driven a lot of traffic and therefore have enough ad views to give a decent analysis.

How Much Money Have I Made With Adbrite?

Well, you might know from your own experiences with the platform or just from working out roughly what I should expect per click/1000 visitors. So it could shock you to find out that my total earnings from those 60,000 visitors is a paltry $4. For me to be happy to continue with the platform I would have to have made over 10 times that from the same amount of visitors, and I am therefore not considering it as an alternative to adsense or a viable advertising platform for the future.

Adbrite Support

I have only had to contact Adbrite once, but I received no reply to my query.

Do I Know It All?

No, I don’t. I’m open to being proved wrong, perhaps other people have different experiences with Adbrite and maybe I’m just implementing the ads wrong, but my experience is not what I’d call positive. If you’ve had a different experience and have a more positive experience, leave me a comment, I’m all ears.

 Adbrite Review


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