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Digital Marketing – Should I Outsource?

OnlineMarketingandOfflineBusiness 300x196 Digital Marketing   Should I Outsource?Digital marketing is the way forward for so many businesses and the tools we now have online are such an effective way of reaching new customers, whether your business is b2b or b2c.

With so many of us using social networks or search engines every day, it can be easy to assume we can easily get to grips with advertising or marketing on them and getting your name out there, but is it as simple as that? Well, the short answer is no.

Truth be told, there is a big art to reaching the top of google, reaching new people on twitter, getting the most out of your money on advertising networks or facebook ads, and it can take years to master it, so if you have the time, by all means go for it, but the chances are for many of us outsourcing it to a reputable company is a good way to go.

The benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing include the fact that you will be getting a specialist who has tried and tested methods, and can find their feedback and see whether they’ve got a good track record. Having someone else do your digital marketing can mean that you are free to focus on what you need to in your business, the chances are that trying to be a jack of all trades and learn this yourself can be a way to dilute what your main focus should be. Outsourcing services should always mean finding the best, but doing so can do wonders for your business.

Effective E-Commerce Website Security Options

Even though the Internet and its various platforms have evolved tremendously over the last two decades, security is still a major issue. It seems as though website hacking and data breaches are more common than ever. If you have an online store, offering a secure shopping experience is critical.

According to consumer surveys, shoppers say that if they don’t feel safe at a certain online store, they will most likely shop somewhere else. Not only do you want to implement security measures, but you also want to let shoppers know that you have implemented them. Here are some effective e-commerce website security options.

Add an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate basically encrypts all information that a potential customer enters into your website or payment gateway system. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it can often be implemented into the coding of the site to provide more protection to visitors. You can also offer a notice to people shopping on your site that you have an SSL certificate – it will make people feel a lot more confident about shopping and making a purchase.

Offer authentication measures. If you went through all the work of hiring Ecomland and marketing your website, you don’t want all your visitors to bounce away as a result of being too cautious about entering their private financial data.

If you have a subscription-based site or if you offer customer accounts, it is important to offer multiple layers of authentication before clients can log in. Not only should you have a secret question, but you should also have a CAPTCHA code, which stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.”

Get PCI compliant. Are you PCI compliant? If you are wondering what that is, there is a good chance that you are not PCI compliant. In order to become PCI compliant, you need to go through a review board that makes sure that your credit card processing system is safe. They will conduct extensive tests to make sure that there are no loopholes that potential hackers can enter. Getting PCI compliant is one of the keys to a safe shopping experience.

Never redirect. It is also imperative that you don’t have links that redirect to other websites – this can create a wormhole of sorts for data breaches. In fact, many credit card bundle thefts have been the result of a corrupted redirect. Ideally, you want to keep your site bound by internal links – not outside links. Plus, the more redirects there are, the more insecure your shoppers will feel.

Use a secure payment gateway. If you have a point of sales website, you will need to implement a secure payment gateway system. One of the most secure is PayPal, but there is a good chance that your credit card processing company also has a secure gateway as well. In the end, if customers don’t feel safe plugging in their financial data, it will be tough to secure sales, and your business will suffer as a result.

How to Choose the Right Telemarketing Company

Telemarketing. The word strikes fear into the hearts of many. Ask just about anyone and you will hear tales of badly timed calls, poor communication and callers asking for those who moved away years ago.

‘It doesn’t have to be like this’, to quote a line from the Pink Floyd song ‘Keep Talking’. Choose the right telemarketing company to handle a campaign, use warm leads who have already expressed an interest in your products or services and the experience will be much more pleasant. The uptake of services is also likely to be greater, especially when using warm leads.

In order to choose the right telemarketing specialist you should ask targeted questions of a shortlist of candidates. As a potential customer, you are fully entitled to know the background details before signing a contract.


Questions to consider asking include:

  • where the telemarketing firm’s call centres are based
  • how many calls they handle
  • whether they have experience in your field
  • what their success rate is for conversions
  • can you give them a script or work with them to create one


You might also want to consider how the staff react when confronted with an answerphone – do they leave a message or move on to the next number? – and whether they work purely with autodiallers or if they prefer a list of leads.

Once you know the answers to these questions you will be able to judge whether working with that particular provider will be a benefit to your business, building your profile and customer base during the course of the campaign. If you are looking to use a telemarketing firm to help your company break into a new country or different area of the market, you will definitely want one which has experience with your products or business specialism. Some telemarketing firms have multi-lingual staff for just this scenario. Others may be experienced in political canvassing, surveying, upselling or technical assistance. The company you use should depend on what you are looking to achieve, the timescale and the demographic of the customers or leads you want to reach.

There are many different types of telemarketing companies out there, even if they all basically perform the same function. As a business owner, you should carefully choose the right partner for your requirements in order to avoid a failed campaign and potential loss of income. Spending time on the choice can be the difference between happy customers and disgruntled members of the public. Of course, you can’t win them all, but picking your telemarketing partner wisely can lead to a mutually successful partnership for both firms.

The Top Online Marketing Trends for This Year

OnlineMarketingandOfflineBusiness 300x196 The Top Online Marketing Trends for This YearOnline marketing is quite dynamic, making it a platform that requires marketers to always be on their toes to achieve success. Apart from its ever changing character, this type of marketing also has a number of trends that need to be followed by businesses that rely a lot on the internet to inform their potential and current customers of their products as well as services. These trends are diverse and businesses can only adopt those that enhance their overall strategy for marketing online. In addition, the trends change year after year, making it crucial for those involved in online marketing to be aware of the significant ones and adopt the appropriate ones.

Why follow online marketing trends?

The temptation to follow every marketing trend introduced online is quite a challenge for many business owners. However, their importance cannot be downplayed with emphasis being placed on selection of the ones that will be effective for your target market. Some of the well known benefits of following trends for marketing online is the improved communication between businesses and their customers. Also, trends assist in the creation of targeted marketing material to potential clients that will convince them to be customers in the long run. Finally, proper use of online marketing trends results in more sales which is the overall goal of any business.

seonow 300x300 The Top Online Marketing Trends for This Year


Popular online marketing trends in 2014

Increased content marketing

The supremacy of content in marketing online can never be underestimated by any businesses seeking success on this platform. However, in 2014 the use of content will be much bigger and better making your website or blog a leader in your particular niche resulting in new as well as repeat sales. Investment in great copywriting is encouraged while incorporating seo to ensure that the content shows up on top in any popular search engines.  It is also important for the content to be presented in a way that it is also used on social media to drive traffic to a business website.

Variety in social media marketing

The use of social media in marketing has been embraced by many businesses in recent years and this is not going to change in 2014. The more content shared through different media channels, the better as it boosts the SEO ranking of a website on a number of search engines. In addition, content shared through social media should be done through link building to lead readers back to website resulting in overall success and even growth of the business over time.

Image centered marketing

The fastest way to get noticed online is through the use of captivating images as part of marketing content.  Images are very enticing to internet users with many of them sharing them across social media resulting in greater exposure for a brand. Therefore, content that focuses on use of images is an online

7 of the Coolest Vending Machines in the World

vending 7 of the Coolest Vending Machines in the World

Who doesn’t love a vending machine? They are practical machines that can be found in the most obvious of places, and the strangest of places. They can also be filled with everything and anything. From small village vending machines where they take the place of shops and they are filled to the brim with staples like cheese and bread. To theme park queue machines full of treats like ice cream and chocolate to keep you going while you wait in the sunshine for hours all for a two minute thrill.

Here are 7 of the Coolest Vending Machines in the World:


The Chicago Salad Vending Machine

Keeping up to date with the health-conscious consumer, this salad vending machine from Farmer’s Fridge sells only fresh salads, nothing else. The brain-child of a man in his 20′s who shrugged off a huge promotion in favour of bringing a modern, healthy vending machine to the masses, is full to the brim with high quality organic salads and healthy treats. Needless to say his enthusiasm wasn’t shared by many, but the machine has done well in it’s otherwise uninspiring food court surroundings. It’s made out of reclaimed wood, displayed on fake grass and surrounded by beautiful, real greenery. It’s refilled at 10AM every single day and the food that doesn’t get purchased from it is donated to a local charity.

Tubz Sweets Vending Machines

Everyone likes sweets from their favourite companies and everyone likes to have them in a tidy neat solution. UK company has been providing this for a number of years now and though they may not seem as exotic as some of the other machines on offer here, in a lot of ways they’re equally as innovative – though understatedly so.

The Amazon Kindle Vending Machine

A bit of an experiment on Amazon’s side, the Kindle vending machine can be found in lots of different places throughout the USA. They sell the entire range of Kindle products, from the latest Kindle Fire, to accessories and adapters. They have been cropping up since 2013 and Amazon has every intention of continuing to roll them out. So if you fancy making a true impulse purchase, this is how you do it!

The Bra Vending Machine

Let’s face it, Japan is famous for its weird and wondering vending machines and we’re all aware of what some of them dispense! The latest unusual addition is a bra vending machine in Tokyo.

Located within an underwear shop, the machine dispenses a wireless bra labelled the ‘fun fun week’ bra and if you one it will set you back around £17.00 pounds.

The Swapping Machine

One of the coolest vending machines around, the ‘Swap O Matic’ is a modern way to recycle and reuse unwanted items. The machine, based in New York, has been designed to change the mindset of those unconsciously living in a ‘throwaway culture’. The machine requires you register using an email address and just by doing this you receive free credits. Donating any item gives you additional credits which can be used to ‘buy’ any item in the machine. Despite the ‘flag system’ the machine is still open to abuse as what you put in and take out is not monitored.

Recycled Book Vending Machine

An amazing environmentally friendly idea, the recycled book vending machine allows you to purchase any book within the machine for just $2.00. You are then encouraged to donate the book back when you are done with it. All proceeds go to a local charity so it benefits a lot of different causes all at the same time.

The Original Art Vending Machine

Ever wanted to buy an original piece of art from a vending machine? We’re guessing you never thought you could! These machines have been in the making since 1997 and are very attractive, having been formerly used as cigarette vending machines. There are around 100 of these machines across the USA and each machine contains lots of cigarette sized original works of art all created by local artists and contributors. For original art, sold in an original way, pay a visit to an original art vending machine.

Lego Vending Machine

Don’t pretend this isn’t one of your wildest dreams come true, even the biggest kids love Lego! This colourful vending machine placed randomly on a train station in Munich is a sight to behold if you love these colourful little bricks. It dispenses a huge range of lego toys and accessories for kids of all ages to play with on a long journey.

The Benefits Of Internet Marketing

dotcom 300x195 The Benefits Of Internet MarketingThese days, people don’t just hop in their cars and head for the nearest mall when they want to get something. Why is it that people aren’t going to the mall as much as they used to? The answer is easy, they want to find out all the information they can first before making a purchase, and also, there are other options that can make shopping a lot easier. The World Wide Web, which is also known as the Internet, is now available, and with it, people can find out all the information they want on certain products, and then make their purchases. For companies that want to take advantage of these tech savvy people, there is something called web marketing, which will help eager clients ready to purchase with the businesses that are eager to sell.

Using the World Wide Web For Marketing Purposes

Studies are always being done on how effective the Internet is for a lot of things like shopping, and these studies have shown that people prefer the online method of shopping because they are able to talk to representatives with that company. Many companies now have live chat representatives, and even video chat, that can help people in an instant, which is what people like. Here are other reasons why web marketing is something businesses should look into:

• A store that never closes: People who deal with a regular store have to put up with it opening at a certain hour, and then closing at the end of the day. However, with web marketing, the website will never close, which means that the business owner can be making money and selling goods at all hours of the day and night.

• More customers from all over the world: A local business can do what they have to in order to let the community know they are here and open for business, but the only people that will be shopping at that store are those that actually live in the area, or travel only a short distances. However, with marketing through the Internet, customers can be reached across the entire world, which is going to substantially get businesses more customers and make more money.

• A lot mess is spent on marketing: Some businesses spend thousands of dollars a year to have a company do all their marketing and advertising for them, but with online marketing, a lot less money can be spent on getting the word out.

• Special offers for registered customers: Customers who register, and who shop frequently, can be given special offers that no one else will get, which is going to really help the customers save money and get a great deal.

• A better customer and business relationship: Marketing with the Internet can make the customers feel special, which will encourage them to go shopping and spend money.

In Phoenix, Arizona, there is help for businesses who want to increase their customers and help them make a lot more money. For more information, please visit this website – Phoenix web marketing. What is this miracle marketing strategy called? Web marking is the answer that businesses are looking for because using the Internet is a fast, easy, and a convenient for businesses to reach around the world to customers that are looking for particular products to buy.

Three Great Ways to Make Extra Money Offline and Online

1361618 grungy money 2 Three Great Ways to Make Extra Money Offline and OnlineEarning a few extra pounds or some more money used to involve working for someone else after your day job was completed. However, things have changed dramatically in recent times and working for yourself has taken on a completely different mantle and is now easier than ever.

Thanks in part to the internet and also to lenient franchising and other means, people who want to work from home now have a far easier life than before if looking for somewhere to make some extra cash. So, let’s take a look at some great options for extra money.


Online surveys can be a great way to make some extra money and there are plenty of legitimate companies online that provide decent pay for decent work. Needless to say, all that’s needed is an Internet connection and a computer and a little savvy. It’s also worth mentioning that you should also need to keep an eye out for scams and the dark side of surveys. For example, any company that asks for money to join is probably one. So, be careful, look at online reviews of the survey company and do some research and you should be fine.


There are all sorts of franchises out there nowadays, a long way removed from traditional ones such as McDonalds and the like. Small, franchise opportunities allow the individual to earn some extra money when working for them. Franchises such as are one such business that allows this degree of flexibility, however looking online will throw up some great opportunities to make some extra money through franchising.

Clinical Tests

Clinical tests and trials can be a great way to earn money; if you’re happy to take the risk then it can be a lucrative test. From NASA inspired gravity free trials, to tests of the latest flu drugs on the market – the world of clinical tests is a great one if you’re happy to take risks.

So, these are just a few ways to make some extra money online and offline and help you line your pockets to some degree.

Using Indiegogo & Boost GoGoFactor

slide16logo 300x240 Using Indiegogo & Boost GoGoFactor Indiegogo is a great resource for anyone who wants to promote an idea and get it crowdfunded into existence. The site features over 9 million different users who are all more than willing to invest in projects that interest them. While the website is great and it has an incredibly loyal following, many people may not know how to maximize their experience with it. If you’re like me and just now heard about the gogo factor (the algorithm used by Indiegogo to determine your campaign’s page rank and exposure) then you need to get moving now! In order to boost your campaign you’ll need to rely on some expert assistance. This allowed my project to get the most exposure while freeing up my time to manage the campaign more. People new to crowdfunding may not know that is their best choice for professional marketing assistance if they are using indiegogo. They can cover all your bases by focusing on boosting your campaign’s gogo factor score.

While there are a whole slew of different marketing products and services that are out there, none compare to the specialized help that boostgogofactor is capable of offering people on Indiegogo. There unique service can really help to take your indiegogo campaign to the next level. It is easily one of the best choices for anyone looking to get their Indiegogo project out there and into the public eye. What makes the service so great and so crucial to a successful crowdfunding campaign is its ability to boost a project’s gogofactor. This gogo factor is what determines how much exposure a project gets on the Indiegogo platform and it allows more people to see the campaign. Their whole team was also there every step of the way to help me with whatever I needed. Their help was priceless!

Now, its important to learn that when a project has a greater gogofactor it gains more exposure. You need to know this! More exposure means more potential backers. And more potential backers means your project and your dreams can become a reality. In a world where many people have difficulty reaching their intended audience and earning the proper funds to finance their ideas,  BoostGoGoFactor solves this issue once and for all. They are a much needed and refreshing addition to the crowdfunding community, especially seeing what the alternatives are. There is no reason that a campaign will have to suffer ever again by lack of exposure. I found that even the most inexperienced marketer can rely on this service to provide them with an incredible amount of support and assistance.

Another major advantage thatBoost GoGoFactor gives us is the potential for your project and campaign to become featured on the main page of Indiegogo. This is a huge advantage that can cause funding to skyrocket. Whole projects can become fully financed in no time thanks to this incredible opportunity. Even more obscure and niche projects can still benefit from this service. Because of the fact that helps items to rank higher in the pages and be seen, campaigns with a limited appeal can still hit their target audience and catch their interest. This is really good for people that want to make something close to their heart even if it might not have a whole lot of mainstream appeal. Their past clients range from large campaigns with hot new gadgets to community projects that support a good cause. is a wonderful and fantastic tool. It can make all the difference in the world for people trying to get funded on Indiegogo. Using this service allows projects to develop a loyal following and secure the funding that they deserve without difficulty. It saves on time and frustration, allowing people who are developing the project to focus on getting out their dreams and making something that is revolutionary. They do the heavy lifting for you and help manage your campaign. This expertise saves you time and makes the whole crowdfunding experience less of a maze. This helped us get the funding we needed to launch or first line of 100% Vegan Cookies (google: Best Vegan Cookies!). Now go out there, boost your campaign and get the exposure you need too!

Remember, as Steve Jobs says: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

-Vicki G.

Head Chef and Co-founder of the best 100% Vegan cookies in the world! icon smile Using Indiegogo & Boost GoGoFactor

Where to Find A5 leaflet printing

A5 leaflet printing services by Fotosnipe:

a5flyers 213x300 Where to Find A5 leaflet printingFotosnipe offers a wide range of options for printing such as you can catch a flat description as well as a folded style for better information display and you can select as per your choice and requirements. Fotosnipe works with professionals and advance technology ensuring you about the quality of a product. The advance printing equipment grants you a neat and prominent and catchy look that you are always looking for, and it would definitely beneficial for you and your business. The plain, bored and uninteresting text will be overlooked with the A5 leaflet printing services, which are quite interesting and captivating. An online printing shop has made everything easy for you as this is benefiting you by staying at your place and you can get your order completed.

Traditional leaflet printing is still a great marketing tool:

The A5 leaflet printing is an immense way to present products, business or occupation. When we talk about leaflets, these are beneficial and are present in wide range to facilitate clients. History reveals that leaflet printing has been very famous among organizations with reference to marketing and advertising. Designing a leaflet is quite important part. Such conventional or traditional advertising leaflets are still a successful marketing technique. Mostly organizations use leaflets for promoting their businesses.

Support your business within your budget:

Leaflets have been a cheap mean to promote or support your business. These are considered best to portray your organization’s products. These a5 leaflets printing are particularly popular for companies like restaurants, salons, direct mail companies, etc. It is not wrong to say this, that they are a reasonable alternative to brochures and acts as an inspiring marketing tool that provides detailed and noticeable information delivered directly to your target market and clients. An affordable and reasonable way is in front of many businessmen for the betterment of their organization.

Review: Blaze Wifi Exede Internet Service

Have any rural DollarPerDay readers ever gotten satellite internet service from ISP Blaze Wifi before? If so, what did you think? Would you sign up for another contract with them or would you go with another rural high speed provider?

Early Free Zone

high speed internet Review: Blaze Wifi Exede Internet Service I am a couple of days into my new contract with Blaze Wifi and so far things are going good, I must say. One of things I like most about Exede internet over the last satellite internet service we had (I don’t want to name any name and get sued!) is the unlimited free zone after midnight. Our free zone used to be after 2AM (not to mention limited data), but that was way too late for us old timers to stay up at night and really get anything out of it. Now on Friday and Saturdays my wife and I are streaming Netflix movies like no tomorrow and forgetting for just a couple hours any way that we live out in the country and thus can’t stream video all the time.

Fast Internet

It’s hard to say this early in the game, but it actually seems like Exede is living up to all the hype about having speeds faster than advertised. I really thought that was all just marketing mumbo jumbo designed to get people interested in their service, but I am shocked that I haven’t really noticed annoyingly slow speeds yet.

In short, so far so good with Blaze Wifi and Exede! Of course, there’s always time for things to turn around for the worse. Believe me, I will let you guys know if Blaze turns out to be a bust.

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