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Affiliate Marketing Through MLM Programs

dotcom 300x195 Affiliate Marketing Through MLM ProgramsThe crux about affiliate marketing and MLM programs becomes crystal clear if you have in depth knowledge about internet marketing. Affiliate marketing online exists in two forms where in affiliate marketers engage in contractual partnerships with millions of service businesses and internet merchants. One of its traditional forms involves affiliate marketers working independently with their earning being directly proportional to their effort whereas the other form involves affiliate marketers associated with MLM programs and having more than one source of income at their disposal.

Upfront cash through affiliate marketing MLM programs can also be easily generated by monetizing even those who are still not part of your business that may be 95% of the audience. This is when MLM networks have their role. At the initial step, based upon your anticipation you can promote your services and products. In fact it is even a good way to generate traffic. Once accomplished, you have the whole list of information about the targeted audiences’ names and email addresses and then you can accordingly promote your services and products by simply sending an email. If any of your leads avail your services, you make a commission. The job is simple but requires marketing of quality products. No sooner promoting junk makes you lose your credibility.

Affiliate marketing through MLM programs helps you in getting business even through individuals who do not avail your opportunity.  Besides the above, there are various other techniques to make this upfront money which are as follows.

In order to make upfront cash, doing a detailed study about the product to be marketed is of utmost importance. No matter you are a novice or an experienced individual, it is always suitable to market reputable products to keep your business going good in the long run. Thus, bigger brands should always be your first preference to partner with.

It won’t be a surprise if you fail in this business if not following a business plan. Setting a goal, time line to achieve it, an expansion plan¸ budget, profit calculation etc are all to be dealt with utmost care. Besides having a business plan, marketing strategies too help in accelerating your business. Prior planning of advertising through your own website or other mediums needs to be decided for the smooth running of you project.

Thus, having understood its two proposed plans, one can choose any one according to their suitability.

Ronnie Montanos’ Commission Cash Code Review – Don’t Buy If You Have Not Read

RonnieMontanoMarketingOrlando 1 300x233 Ronnie Montanos Commission Cash Code Review   Dont Buy If You Have Not Read

Ronnie Montanos’ Commission Cash Code Review – Don’t Buy If You Have Not Read This!

What is Commission Cash Code?

It is an internet marketing system that enables you to make money through the world’s number one social media platform -facebook. It includes a program that drives traffic from facebook into a sales funnel. You can use the system to promote your own products or services and also for affiliate marketing. You can make money with Commission Cash Code even if you currently know nothing about internet marketing as the package includes video tutorials that will guide you through the entire process.

Who created Commission Cash Code?

The creator of Commission Cash Code is Ronnie Montano, a top level internet marketing expert. Ronnie has won many affiliate contests and his products and training have helped thousands to make a living through the internet. Some of his other bestselling products include My Binary Recoded, Tube Cash Code, Mobile Money Code etc.

What exactly does the system do?

The software uses the power of the like and share button to the full extent. Making money on the internet involves three basic steps – drive traffic, generate leads and then convert leads into customers. However, driving traffic is very difficult. It takes years to build a high traffic website and blog. Moreover, people often enter fake emails and this makes it increasingly difficult to build a list of quality subscribers. Commission Cash Code takes care of all these problems by creating massive amounts of traffic within a very short amount of time. It also filters out all the fake email entries and this ensures that you generate only genuine leads. If all this sounds like Chinese to you, don’t worry. Everything is explained in detail through video tutorials and as long as you can follow simple, step by step instructions, you can make money using Commission Cash Code.

Commission Cash Code Pros

  1. As of 2013, facebook has approximately 1.2 billion active users and this number will only increase in the coming years. Analysts say that facebook marketing will soon overtake Google marketing. Thus, you will definitely agree that it pays to have a system that leverages the popularity of facebook to put money in your pocket.
  2. It is easy to earn money using Commission Cash Code. The software is automated and the training teaches you everything you should know.
  3. It works everywhere – as long as you have access to facebook, you can use Commission Cash Code to make money from it.
  4. The product comes with a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee!

Commission Cash Code Cons

It is difficult to call this one a con – but the system only works if you work! If you do not apply the information that you will receive in the video tutorials, then you will most definitely fail! Commission Cash Code is not for lazy, irresponsible people.

The bottom line

Commission Cash Code is highly recommended! It costs just 37 US dollars – What is 37 dollars for a chance to earn thousands and perhaps even millions? And if you don’t, then you can always request for a refund!

P.S – Commission Cash Code is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. Order it only if you are looking for a 100% legitimate online income opportunity! For MORE information, check this out!


Why Is It So Hard to Make a Living Blogging?

why blog 300x195 Why Is It So Hard to Make a Living Blogging?When I first learned about making money online, I thought that blogging was the main way people turned their hours spent online into cash. It is true that people have made good money blogging, look at Darren Rowse over at Problogger or Pat Flynn’s blog (though he does make a lot of his money from other sources). Knowing what I do now, I would not recommend blogging as one of the easier ways to make money online, and in fact it is probably among the most difficult. So why is it so hard to make a living blogging?

Blog Vs Authority Site

Before we go much further I’m just going to set the paramaters for what I’m talking about. A blog and an authority site are not the exact same thing. The two can intertwine but in my opinion, a blog is a fast-evolving site with a lot of articles about current news in a certain area, for example a football blog will talk a lot about the current issues in football. An authority site focuses on more evergreen content and information that covers a long period of time, sticking with the football analogy, a football authority site would focus more on the techniques or information that will not become outdated after the next set of fixtures.

Why so Difficult?

So what is so tough about blogging, let’s break it down.

  • If you’re writing about things that change a lot, or relying on current events, you can’t count on search engine traffic. A subject like “how to make pancakes” will always be the same, and will always be searched for, but “music to look forward to in 2013″ will eventually die down, and won’t bring you visitors from google.
  • It requires a lot of commitment and passion, you need to be on it with your blog and write new content all the time to keep people engaged. An authority site can have content that stays the same for years and is still relevant, but on a blog, although you will probably have some authority content, you need to be current.
  • You probably don’t have a product. The best websites for profits have something to sell, either their own or on somebody else’s behalf. You’ll probably find it tough to shoe-horn a product into certain topics and blog subjects so you may be relying heavily on advertising, meaning you need a huge amount of traffic in order to make any sizeable sum of money.

The best blogs are not “blogs for blogs’ sake”. They’re there to help you promote a product or a service and to make money in a more intelligent way. Putting content online and expecting it to make you a living by magic is not likely, and though you can make good money out of a blog if you do it right, most people do it completely wrong. Your blog should be an offshoot of something bigger, that is going to convert into better cash for you, whether that’s through something you sell yourself, an affiliate program or some other means. Adsense and other ad networks are great, but expect to spend years building up enough traffic on your blog for them to make you rich.

Be clever about your blogging if you want to see results.

Making Millions Online – Is It Possible?

1361618 grungy money 2 Making Millions Online   Is It Possible?

To kick off this article I’d like to let you all know that I am not a millionaire, far from it, but I do make money online and am basing this article on a huge amount of research I have done.

We all want to make a good living, right? And for a lot of people, a real benchmark in earnings is to reach the millions. Your target might be a million a year or a million over 20 years, but can you create that income for yourself online, and how? Are there people doing so already?

Blogging for Millions

Blogging is a legitimate way to make money. I have talked about it a lot here on Dollars Per Day as I try and make a full time living online. A blog is a platform to sell products, advertising space or promote other money making projects you are involved in, but can it make you millions?

Certain niches and blog topics can be very profitable, usually the ones in high value industries and with valid buyers looking for information on a product. Depending on your definition of a ‘blog’ it is very possible to make (over a long period of time) a million from it. For example, if you were reviewing laptops and electronic equipment every day on your blog, and had a huge amount of articles, not only would you be able to make good commissions referring sales (up to $50 per laptop sold for example), you could demand good money for banner ads and other types of on site advertising. An income of $300 (or £200 if you’re in the UK like me) is certainly realistic, even though it would be very hard work. This would bring you to a million in 10 years, which isn’t bad. Double the size of your site and the sales you make and you will half the time to get to a million, it is possible but difficult.

Selling your blogs or websites is another good way to create income quickly. Get to £10,000 a month and you can probably sell your site for 20 times that on a site like Wash, rinse and repeat.

Other Online Businesses

There are many other online businesses where the potential for income could be larger or easier to reach. Some are listed below.

Membership Sites
Membership websites create a great recurring income. 1,000 members of a £29 a month membership site providing courses, information or premium resources could see you make a million in just a few years. Scale the business up and the money is undeniably there for the taking.

Digital Products

Digital products such as courses and eBooks are amazing for making high profit margins. They cost little to produce, and the sales can be through the roof if promoted correctly. A set of £29 eBooks can make you a huge amount of money over the course of a couple of years, just make sure you are providing value and not selling spammy content.

Physical Products

Whether you are producing, importing or drop shipping physical products, there is a huge amount of money to be made. People purchase online every day and the industry grows by billions every year. Another income source where your niche is important. Choose products with a high markup, promote them well and race to a million.

Self Publishing on Kindle

Similar to the digital product niche, many people have taken advantage of the kindle boom to publish their fiction and non-fiction books and make a shed load of money.

Check out John Locke’s book on becoming a millionaire via Kindle self publishing. How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months.

 Making Millions Online   Is It Possible? Making Millions Online   Is It Possible?

In case you couldn’t already tell, I am a firm believer that this type of income is obtainable from your blog, and am certain that people make millions per year online.

The best way to go about it is probably to experiment with the methods I’ve mentioned among many others, and you’ll probably settle on a profitable combination that works for you. Not a large percentage of internet marketers and webmasters will hit millions, but some of them certainly do.

How to Monetize a Blog


So you’ve built your blog. Maybe it started out as a hobby, maybe you always wanted to make money online. Either way, if you’re getting the traffic then there is money to be made. How to monetize a blog? There’s no exact formula. People use tons of ways to make money online and finding your own methods is part of the fun, but we understand you need a helping hand starting out in the monetization of your webspace.

First and foremost, make sure you have SOME traffic. Hey, it doesn’t have to be tons. Some people are happy just making enough from their blog to cover the cost of hosting it. You might want to monetize your blog just because you know you have the traffic, or you might be at the start of your website empire. Whatever scenario you find yourself in, traffic is the key.

So how much traffic do I need?

Again, there’s no short and simple answer to this and it varies from site to site. If your site is targeted (a fashion blog where you recommend shoes for example), then you know there are buyers there, and people that will click on ads or affiliate links. If your site is just a humour blog with funny pictures, your viewers are just there for a cheap laugh, not to part with cash or be sold to. That’s just the way it is.

I first started generating income from a pretty non targeted website (my UK football blog) when the traffic reached about 4,000 unique viewers a month. The income wasn’t big, but it covered costs and allowed me to trickle a little more money back into my online projects.

What ways are there to monetize?

Advertising Networks – this is the main one. Google’s Adsense is the best example. Get an account, implement their code and ads that are relevant to your site appear. There’s a whole science to this, but you dont need to know the ins and outs to put a few ads up and start making money.

In Text Ads – I use infolinks for my in-text ads and I even have an awesome Infolinks review on the site. The way their ads work is that they highlight some of your words and phrases, and if somebody clicks on them, you get paid. Simple and effective.

Private Ads – You could use a service like BuySellAds to broker your advertising space and sell this way, but you need to be getting big traffic to do so, and be blogging in a niche where people care enough to advertise (I can’t see many advertisers for

Affiliate Schemes – You can use affiliate schemes on your site. Amazon is one of the most famous examples of this. Basically, if somebody clicks a link from your site to an affiliate product, you make a small percentage of the sale. Neat.

What should I avoid?

Google clearly set out guidelines for this. You should try and avoid anything spammy and ‘Black Hat’. Selling links for example is supposedly frowned upon and penalised by google. Avoid putting too many ads on your site because 1) Google will ban you (they limit the amount of ads you can have per page) and 2) your readers will click away.


Hopefully these tips have helped you on your road to monetization. Let me know if there’s anything you can think of that I didn’t include.

What is Article Marketing?


What is article marketing?

Article marketing, according to an apt online description, is; “advertising whereby businesses or individuals write articles about their business, the item they are trying to promote or their area of expertise as way of promoting themselves.

So what exactly does that mean? Well, the internet has given us, the general public, an opportunity to publish our writing over tons of great platforms. We can start a blog, we can publish an article on, we can start a Squidoo or Hubpages account. The world is our oyster when it comes to publishing.

In effect, article marketing is simply using these and other platforms to promote whatever we would like to promote, either by writing about it directly, or writing about related subjects. Lets say you run a hair products company, you may wish to write about the best ways to wash your hair or keeping dreadlocks clean for example, a subject that is not necessarily a direct link to your product, but proves that you have expertise and draws people in who are looking for that information, the more areas you can cover, the more traffic you will get from search engines and organic clicks.

So how does this serve to promote your business or service? Well, as every internet marketer will tell you, it’s all in the links! In the vast majority of instances, writing an article somewhere will enable you to include links, this can be back to your own pillar content, your root domain, or anywhere you so wish, the benefits of this are of course A) Traffic – you’ll get more visitors to your site, which is always a bonus, and also B) backlinks – Google will index the backlinks and hold your domain in higher esteem, which makes it more likely to rank highly on Google and other search engines, which will again ultimately lead to more authority and to more traffic.

Affiliate article marketing. This is a separate type of article marketing. If you don’t already know, an affiliate scheme is a system whereby you sell a product on somebody’s behalf, such as an eBook or any other product. One of the biggest affiliate schemes is Amazon, and a great way to find affiliate schemes is signing up to an agency such as Affiliate Window. So, in affiliate article marketing, instead of including a link to your own content online, you will include an affiliate enabled link to a product somewhere online. An example of affiliate article marketing can be seen here:

Start an Online Directory with WordPress on – as you can see, this article talks about how you can use a certain product to create an online directory. If people click on the link and purchase the product, the author (me) makes a cut of the money spent. Simple, really!

Article marketing comes in many different forms, but boiled down it is simply the art of promoting a service, product or website using articles spread across the internet.

Amazon Affiliates: Making Coincidental Amazon Sales


If you’re an amazon affiliate (you probably should be), you may well have made some cash out of referring people to products on their site. You don’t need me to explain how it works, but I will anyway. Amazon pay a cut of the sale to the ‘affiliate’ who referred the customer. Easy. Darren Rowse has written some brilliant articles about his Amazon affiliate sales, and how much money he has made out of it. Magnificent.

I want to talk to you today about a certain area of amazon sales today, one you might not have accounted for when singing up for, and implementing your Amazon affiliate program; The coincidental sale. I’m going to show you some items I sold on amazon’s behalf, completely coincidentally, last week. Here they are:

Bette Davis 100th Birthday Box Set [DVD] Amazon Affiliates: Making Coincidental Amazon Sales

Cromwell [DVD] (1970) [2003] Amazon Affiliates: Making Coincidental Amazon Sales

Those of you who follow my blogs. This one, a blog about Escaping the 9-5, a blog about the music industry and a blog about football (soccer), will know that neither of those products have any relevance whatsoever, and certainly weren’t linked to on any of my blogs. So how did I make money out of them?

Amazon has a 24 hour affiliate cookie. This means that after a customer has clicked on your link, they have 24 hours to buy it for you (the affiliate) to make your cut. This means they don’t have to buy it instantly for you to make your money. Amazon know that people might have a think about it before clicking the buy button, or wait til they get back from work etc. The benefit of this is that ANY product they order in that 24 hour period, you will make a cut on, from digital camera to 99 cent book, you’ll be entitled to your percentage.

The best thing about this is that amazon is such a huge retailer. Firstly, they know how to sell. Once you get a customer through the door to amazon HQ, you can rely on them to sell their products with all their nifty ‘recommended for you’ features and the like. Secondly, people buy from there all the time. Lets say you could get 5000 affiliate clicks a day (that’s the dream, right?) – what percentage of people buy something on amazon every 24 hours? Even if it’s 0.5% you’re looking at 25 affiliate sales JUST by coincidence. 1% will get you 50 sales every single day purely by coincidence, without even taking into account the product that you are advertising or recommending. Cool, right?

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to amazon. Most affiliate programs actually have a longer ‘cookie’ than amazon, meaning they remember your clicks for longer than amazon do, and may still pay out on a sale 90 days in the future. Get people through the door. The sales will come.

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