Amazon Affiliates: Making Coincidental Amazon Sales


If you’re an amazon affiliate (you probably should be), you may well have made some cash out of referring people to products on their site. You don’t need me to explain how it works, but I will anyway. Amazon pay a cut of the sale to the ‘affiliate’ who referred the customer. Easy. Darren Rowse has written some brilliant articles about his Amazon affiliate sales, and how much money he has made out of it. Magnificent.

I want to talk to you today about a certain area of amazon sales today, one you might not have accounted for when singing up for, and implementing your Amazon affiliate program; The coincidental sale. I’m going to show you some items I sold on amazon’s behalf, completely coincidentally, last week. Here they are:

Bette Davis 100th Birthday Box Set [DVD] Amazon Affiliates: Making Coincidental Amazon Sales

Cromwell [DVD] (1970) [2003] Amazon Affiliates: Making Coincidental Amazon Sales

Those of you who follow my blogs. This one, a blog about Escaping the 9-5, a blog about the music industry and a blog about football (soccer), will know that neither of those products have any relevance whatsoever, and certainly weren’t linked to on any of my blogs. So how did I make money out of them?

Amazon has a 24 hour affiliate cookie. This means that after a customer has clicked on your link, they have 24 hours to buy it for you (the affiliate) to make your cut. This means they don’t have to buy it instantly for you to make your money. Amazon know that people might have a think about it before clicking the buy button, or wait til they get back from work etc. The benefit of this is that ANY product they order in that 24 hour period, you will make a cut on, from digital camera to 99 cent book, you’ll be entitled to your percentage.

The best thing about this is that amazon is such a huge retailer. Firstly, they know how to sell. Once you get a customer through the door to amazon HQ, you can rely on them to sell their products with all their nifty ‘recommended for you’ features and the like. Secondly, people buy from there all the time. Lets say you could get 5000 affiliate clicks a day (that’s the dream, right?) – what percentage of people buy something on amazon every 24 hours? Even if it’s 0.5% you’re looking at 25 affiliate sales JUST by coincidence. 1% will get you 50 sales every single day purely by coincidence, without even taking into account the product that you are advertising or recommending. Cool, right?

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to amazon. Most affiliate programs actually have a longer ‘cookie’ than amazon, meaning they remember your clicks for longer than amazon do, and may still pay out on a sale 90 days in the future. Get people through the door. The sales will come.

 Amazon Affiliates: Making Coincidental Amazon Sales


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