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Article Marketing in the digital age, is a form of promotion for websites or other businesses that involves writing an article on somebody else’s website about your own project. The articles can be about the author or the business involved, but more commonly are about an area of expertise or field of work. The purpose of article marketing is threefold; to drive traffic via clicks, to create backlinks for your website in order to gain a high page rank, and to build your authority in your chosen niche. The most common forms of article marketing are writing guest posts, or submitting articles to article directories such as Squidoo or Hubpages. It isn’t always simple, though, so I’ve created some article marketing tips to help you through the minefield.

Post in Relevant Places

Nobody wants to hear about your new gaming company website, or anything to do with gaming for that matter, on a furniture website for instance. Consider the relevance of the sites where you are posting your articles, this will aid both the traffic coming to your site (it will be more targeted from sites in your niche) and also the SEO value of the link, as it will be coming from a site that is in your field.

Offer Some Expertise

It’s all very well writing a post on a site about how much you love your business, or how you started your business, or how your business runs, but the chances are that nobody really cares. If you can offer some knowledge or expertise then it is more likely that people will pay attention, and that your article will even get published.

Dont Buy Backlinks

I know it can be tempting to sling some cash at a webmaster simply to throw a link in an article, but it is against Google’s terms of service, and if you get found out, they will make you suffer!

Have a Call to Action

That’s what you’re writing the post for after all. An author bio or section at the end explaining who you are and what you’re trying to achieve will send people in the direction of your site. This is far more effective than simply shoving a link in the text somewhere random.

Present Yourself Professionally

If you write like a joker, you will not gain respect or traffic. If you’re writing an article simply for the backlink then the quality will probably suffer, and you’ll waffle. Make sure you assume that people are going to actually read the article, otherwise there’s no chance of you grabbing their attention.

 Article Marketing Tips


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