Benefits of Squidoo

Squidoo is basically an online publishing platform, allowing users to create what it calls “lenses” covering certain topics in the same way they might write posts on a blog. It is very different to the likes of Ezine articles in that it has a cool user area that is almost like a game, offering points rewards for certain activities and achievements and encouraging a rich community surrounding the website, which it certainly has! Squidoo is a revenue sharing website and rewards the best content published on their site (which it ranks in its own internal system) with cash payouts every month. Lots of people love Squidoo and use it for many different purposes. I’m going to cover some of the key benefits of Squidoo here.

Making Money on Squidoo

One of the key benefits of the site is that it can be a great way to make money! They pay you for hitting the top rankings or ‘tiers’ of their site, which you achieve by creating good quality content that gets good traffic, and the best ‘lenses’ can make up to $50 a month. Not bad for one ‘article’ I’m sure you’ll agree. Many people would be publishing their work elsewhere if not on Squidoo and not making cash, so any money that can be made from the site is a real bonus. The money aspect of the site means there is a whole industry around buying and selling lenses and some people even make a full time living publishing on the site, or at least use it as a spring board for other online ventures.

Backlinks from Squidoo

Squidoo can provide some really high quality links back to your website. By creating a lens that ranks well and gets linked to around the site, you can leech off the site’s authority and Page Rank. I’ve seen individual lenses hit up to PR6 on the site, which is undeniably a really powerful link, and a better way to spend your time than creating spammy articles for directories. There are a few other sites where you can do the same thing and effectively leech off of their authority like this, which is a good technique for building QUALITY links to your website, something we should all be focusing on.

The Community

As I’ve already stated, the Squidoo community is thriving! Their comment system as well as spring off forums mean you can share advice, techniques and other information. Having a community ethos can really help you to drive on and become successful on the site, the people are really great and will happily share some of their techniques, so you can learn from the best Squidoo-ers out there!

Easier to Rank

It could be argued that a Squidoo lens is easier to rank than an article on your own website. The authority that the site already has means that items it publishes are highly thought of by the search engines and they trust them enough to rank highly, whereas your own site might mean you have to build that trust from scratch.

 Benefits of Squidoo


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