The Best Free Blog Hosts


When people set out to start a new blog, a free blog host can look very appealing. Times are tough at the moment, and if your blog is just for fun or not for profit at all, a free host might be your only choice. Personally, I host my sites with 1 and 1 web hosting, and install the wordpress platform from my hosting account there, but for many, a click and go option is far more appealing.

A note before I talk about all the types of free blog host that are available is that it is often not best practice when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation), of course that’s not to say that you definitely wont have any success getting traffic through google or other search engines, but the best way to achieve this is usually through your own site on your own domain with a paid for host. One of the great things about a lot of free blog hosts, however, is that they will allow you to put the blog on your own domain, so even if you aren’t paying to host the site, it might be worth shelling out some cash to make sure you have your own domain ( for example) and not a subdomain allocated by a free host ( or

Right, time for the list:

  1. Tumblr. Tumblr is a really cool blogging platform which integrates a lot of the social elements of something like twitter. People can find your posts on tumblr through ‘reblogging’ (much like a retweet) or through searching their hash tag system, again, much like twitter.
  2. Blogger. The google owned blogger is often said to be good for SEO as google want to reward people for using their platform. Whether you believe that or not, blogger is another free host that integrates well with other google products such as adsense and analytics, and is good for beginners.
  3. WordPress. My absolute favourite. There are two different ways to get yourself a wordpress blog, but to simply use it as a sort of ‘click and go’ system, you can just sign up via their website. It has great themes and plugins that allow you to customise your blog and really make it your own, and of course you can always upgrade to the second way of getting a wordpress blog, which is to download their system and upload it on your web hosting to let it run just on your domain, much like here on Dollars Per Day.


In my opinion, the above three are the real big players in this field. Others such as livejournal and Weebly have at times threatened to take them on, but not to a great deal of avail. In my opinion, stick to the above for your free blog hosting needs and you wont go too far wrong.

 The Best Free Blog Hosts


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