Blogging and the Olympics


I love the Olympics. Every four years it graces the screens of millions, even billions of people around the world and unites us all with friendly rivalries, loves of sports and inspiring stories. This is the first Olympics I’ve seen since I’ve been a blogger, and I’m even lucky enough to have it in my home Country, the U.K (England if I’m being precise). I’m sure there are loads of Olympic themed blog posts out there at the moment, and I promise you I am not just jumping on the band wagon here, since watching this years games I have spotted numerous connections between the world of the Olympics (and being an Olympian) and the world of Blogging. Here they are in one of my famous bullet pointed lists.

  1. Recognition – There are always the athletes and sportsmen and women out there who become celebrities, and usually they are involved in the sports most people aspire to. Most, however, aren’t recognised on the same level, and spend most of their careers under the radar. You may start out in the world of blogging thinking you’re going to be the next Darren Rowse, and that book contracts and interview requests will come flooding in soon. The truth is that like most Olympians, you’ll probably spend a lot of your career in the shadows.
  2. Support – Again, we’re going to have to exclude the few sports that are absolutely huge here, and talk about the support available in the majority of Olympic sports. Like blogging, you probably wont get taught it at school, you may struggle to find people locally who do the same thing, and coaching and assistance may not be nearby or affordable. I’ve found the most inspiring stories of the games those of the true underdogs who may not have had things handed to them on a plate, expect the same to apply in your blogging pursuits.
  3. Specialisation and Diversification – I doubt any of the ‘lightweight coxless four rowers’ set out to be exactly that, they set out to be rowers, right? In the same way, you might have to diversify and specialise in all of your websites and blogs in order to reach the top of a niche. Better to be top of a smaller game than bottom of a larger one.
  4. Sacrifice – These people have all made sacrifice in one way or another to get to where they want to be. Social sacrifice, time sacrifice, financial sacrifice. They did it with one final goal, and simply by making it to the Olympics, most of them achieved their goal. You can expect to have to make sacrifice to join the party.
  5. Perseverance – The amount of times Olympians try and fail must be ridiculous. Loss after loss, failure after failure. This is what moulds an Olympian, not victory, but loss. Prepare to lose a few times before you get your blogging gold medal.
 Blogging and the Olympics


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