Blogging On The Go – How to Blog Whilst On Your Travels


One of the most amazing parts of being a blogger is the fact that it can be done from anywhere. My regular readers will know that Dollars Per Day documents my journey to make a living online, and one of the reasons I want to achieve this goal is that I want to be portable, so to speak. Earning my income regardless of where I am in the world is my ultimate dream; location independence. Luckily for me, and others looking to achieve the same thing, blogging on the go doesn’t have to be particularly difficult, and there are loads of ways you can make it easy for yourself, which I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

  • If you can, take a Laptop. This is a huge part of blogging, and life will be tough without it. Whether your definition of ‘on the go’ is trecking through your local countryside or flying to the other side of the world, a laptop is going to be your best friend. Most built up areas will have coffee shops and restaurants with free wifi you can latch onto in order to publish and interact on your blog, but of course your writing can be done without being online, which means limited wifi doesn’t have to be a problem, as soon as you get online, you can publish your posts, or…
  • Scheduling Posts. One of the challenges of being on the move is that you might have large chunks of time where you cant publish to your blog, and that’s where automation comes in. If you’re using WordPress (which I strongly recommend doing) this is remarkably easy to do in the ‘add new post’ section, where you can simply click ‘edit’ next to publish immediately and set a time and date.
  • iPads and Tablets. They might not be the easiest way to blog yet, but they can be effective, and certainly help if you don’t want to lug around a laptop. Most blogging platforms have an app which will allow you to login and post directly, and a lot of tablets will let you take photos to upload directly too. A nifty piece of gear for using a tablet to blog is one of these bad boys, a wireless keyboard Blogging On The Go   How to Blog Whilst On Your Travels, which make your life so much easier! Nobody wants to write thousands of words on a tablet without a real keyboard.
  • Internet Cafes. Internet cafes are in most touristy areas of the world, and quite a lot of non touristy areas! If you have a smartphone, you can use them to check where your nearest internet cafe is, and head over there for an hour or two of surfing. Again, this will be better if you’re able to make your content beforehand, and then you only pay for the time it takes you to publish, rather than create, your content.

Most of the world is online now. It isn’t too hard to find a wifi connection and even though lugging around expensive gear can be a risk, it’s nothing that online backups via the cloud and a good travel insurance policy wont deal with. You can cover against theft and blog away at ease. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to blog on the beach? Especially if you’re getting paid good money to do so.

 Blogging On The Go   How to Blog Whilst On Your Travels


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