Bluehost Web Hosting Review

bluehost Bluehost Web Hosting ReviewFinding the right web host for your needs can be a real nightmare at the best of times. There can be hidden fees, long term contracts and for the beginners out there there can be a lot of technical jargon to wade through and work out. In this review we’re going to give you the low down on Bluehost’s web hosting.

They’re one of the top hosts out there in terms of popularity. They were founded back in the 90s, in 1996 to be precise, which means approaching two decades in the business they’re one of the oldest still operating. This loyal customer base must surely then count for something.

So what then are the features that make Bluehost so popular?

  • Web Mail feature allowing email addresses and mailboxes.
  • Support for international domains as well as regional.
  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Unlimited subdomains (this would be for instance
  • Add on websites to your account for multiple sites.
  • MySQL databases (these drive wordpress)
  • Free Domain with hosting packages.
  • Outstanding support
  • SimpleScript allowing quick install for a number of apps and website features
  • Free site builder to allow anyone to create their own website with ease.
For more information you can check out this excellent, in depth review of the service on Youtube -

The features of bluehost are such that an advanced web user or an absolute beginner can pick up a package and get started. Whether you’re going to build the next big social network or worldwide music blog or you’re a beginner who wants a simple website to promote a trade, you’ll be equally at home with Bluehost. Their fair prices and excellent servers are among the reasons they are just so popular.

Thus concludes my Bluehost review. To be honest it is tough to find a downside with their service and though some competitors do offer similar, this is a wise choice for the majority of users.

 Bluehost Web Hosting Review


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