Building Backlinks to Squidoo Lenses

I owe a lot to Squidoo, it is probably the main thing responsible for getting me into online income and the idea of making a living out of my writing and blogging skills. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this article you know a little about Squidoo already, but for anyone who doesn’t, you should know that it is a publishing platform which rewards their best articles with affiliate commissions and revenue share payouts, these payouts work on a ‘tiered’ system and you get paid more depending on how well your own articles (or “lenses”) rank within the system.

The best way to get higher rankings and more income on Squidoo is traffic, and as you probably know already one of the best ways to get your hands on this traffic is to rank well on Google. Organic traffic is key, especially if you have a lot of Squidoo lenses – you’re not going to be in a position to drive the traffic via social networks and other methods without investing huge amounts of time. Squidoo has a lot of authority meaning that it is respected by search engines, and the on page SEO is going to be pretty good as long as you follow their guidelines, but getting to the top of Google isn’t easy, but the two main areas are keyword research backlinks, as I’ll talk about today.

Building Backlinks to Squidoo

In my experience, it still takes a few backlinks and a chunk of time to see results on the first page of Google, and sometimes I don’t even reach it then. If you search for “How to get my music out there” or “How to get out there with my music” one of the top results is a lens by yours truly which pulls in a lot of traffic, but if you search for a term such as “what is the best way to drink whiskey”, this isn’t quite there yet (if you’re reading this after January 2013 I hope it is, but you get the gist). So what should you do in terms of backlinks to give it a boost?

  • Do some inter-linking. Send people from one lens to another if you have a lot.
  • If you have articles on the subject elsewhere on the internet, ping them to your Squidoo lens.
  • Put your Squidoo profile and lenses on any social profiles, or even make a social profile for them such as “lensmaster Ben”
  • Bookmark them to Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc.
  • Be proactive on Squidoo Forums.
  • Utilize any free WordPress blogs or Tumblr/Blogger/Livejournals to send a link their way.
  • Use Squidoo Lens tools, people make specific sites where you can bookmark your Squidoo lenses, the site has an active community and therefore lots of spin-offs like this.
  • AVOID SPAM: Okay this is quite a big deal for Squidoo, I’ve heard a lot of people say that Squidoo can handle Spammy links, but do not risk it, you could get your account banned and Google still might not put your lens high up on their results, they don’t value spam and it has no real benefit!


As with most SEO techniques I talk about, a lot of it is Social, with Squidoo you’re at a distinct advantage to if it were your own brand new blog because the site is so well trusted and highly regarded, a few social links and a bit of love in other parts of your internet empire may be enough to catapult your lens to number one on the search results (IF you have done your keyword research right).

 Building Backlinks to Squidoo Lenses


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