Buying Backlinks on Fiverr – An Experiment

I like to do my research before diving into anything n my blog, but sometimes you just have to jump in there. When it came to buying backlinks on Fiverr – the $5 marketplace where you can buy all sorts of services, SEO and otherwise. Ignoring all the “I will sing happy birthday in just a thong for $5″ offers (usually very unattractive men by the way, before you get decide every day is your birthday), there are undeniably some good services on there, such as article writing and video testimonial production.

I’d heard about backlink buying before, and had definitely heard mixed reports on whether it was a constructive practice or something to be avoided at all costs. I’d heard that a ‘bad’ backlink can add no SEO-juice to your site or even damage your chances of ranking first on google. Weird. For a while now my fear of buying any backlinks on Fiverr or otherwise had stopped me from taking the plunge, but when I read somebody’s opinion on the forum over at Website Babble, I changed my view…

The point that they made was that if buying backlinks could indeed mean your site got penalised and dropped down the rankings, then everybody would be doing it, not for themselves but for their competitors, as a way of sabotaging their site. In fact, there would probably be people out there working purely as sabotage-artists, bringing down sites with a succession of dodgy links. I figured Google would not be able to do this, and that it was very unlikely my site could suffer from buying backlinks. I decided the only way to find out was to go ahead and do it.

I went with the following offer on Fiverr. I’m in the UK so it ended up costing me £3, less than a pint of beer.

Back Links Fiverr 300x113 Buying Backlinks on Fiverr   An Experiment

The guy selling it is Sweden based, and seemed to have solid reports from other buyers. 1300 blog comment backlinks is a lot, and I was hoping that they weren’t too spammy when I purchased them, but most importantly I just wanted them to work, and to help my site get to the top for the keywords we’re targeting.

I used a website of mine that is always growing and that I manage to add content to almost every day. It’s my football blog, for which my main keywords are ex-player names and football terms. I love football, and treat this blog as a hobby that allows me to grow my knowledge of being a webmaster, so it was the perfect testing ground.

The Results.

Well, I asked him to ‘drip-feed’ my backlinks at a rate of forty or so a day, this means that Google won’t suddenly see a big surge in my backlinks and start to get suspicious. I’m still in the first few days, so I don’t have a detailed report just yet, but I am starting to see the links pinging back.

The only things I have noticed in this early stage are how diluted down the links are, by which I mean they’re from pages that obviously have been used for this purpose for thousands of people. Also some of the domains are a bit…quirky. The links are from some irrelevant and strange places, but this wont bother me if it works. I’ll keep you all updated regarding the impact on my SEO and traffic over the coming days and weeks.

Happy Blogging.

 Buying Backlinks on Fiverr   An Experiment


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