Buying Backlinks on Fiverr: Part Two


Part one of my Buying Backlinks on Fiverr Experiment can be found over here.

It’s a few weeks since I took the plunge and bought some Fiverr backlinks. I did so as an experiment, and as a way to see if it was too good to be true (1400 backlinks for $5!) or whether it was a viable method of bettering your SEO and creeping towards the top of google.

As part one of my experiment will tell you, the seller on Fiverr had some brilliant reviews, and many happy customers, but I was still skeptical. I have heard mixed reviews since becoming a webmaster, and everybody seems to have their own view on backlinks, and the methods to attain them. I decided trying it out was the only way to learn, and I did so using my football blog, which I write for fun more than for profit (at the moment), using one of my sites that I dont think of as profitable meant that it wouldn’t matter if I was somehow penalised by google and began to drop down their rankings, the pressure was off.

So what results have I seen so far?

I’ve found it quite hard to judge the precise results of the backlinks I purchased. A bunch of new (and some very strange) links have appeared whenever I check my sites linking in statistics, so I know that my $5 backlink builder has done his job at least. The only concrete ways I have to monitor the effect of my experiment is to look at my stats on Google analytics and webmaster tools. Below is my search traffic since my blog started about 3 months ago, I’ve marked the point where I bought the backlinks.

backlinks bought update Buying Backlinks on Fiverr: Part Two

As you can (hopefully) start to see, my search traffic has DEFINITELY increased since the date when I bought the gig on Fiverr. For the first few days, though, my google rankings started to drop (uh-oh), searches I had been fifth or sixth for I suddenly was on the third or fourth page. Why? Maybe a link from a bad neighborhood? Google smelling a rat? Coincidence? Whatever the reason was, it lasted less than a week and my rankings came back even stronger than before. On top of this, new articles I was writing were ranking quicker and higher than I had been used to. Google definitely likes my site more than it did a month ago, put it that way.

Below, you can see my average search position for some of the keywords I am aiming for. Loads of these have jumped in the last three weeks from around the 20-30 mark to being in the top 10 results on google. I need them to be closer to the number one spot, but its been a great start! Hopefully in my next update these will be even higher.

webmastertools 86x300 Buying Backlinks on Fiverr: Part Two

The Conclusion

Though you can see that I have made some steps in the right direction (my search traffic is often now ten times what it was two months ago), it is hard to attribute this completely to the service I bought. My site has aged, which Google likes, I have continued to add good quality and implement solid SEO practices, as well as building some backlinks myself via traditional, “white-hat” methods. For a true representation, I suppose I would have had to leave my site relatively static, and perhaps that is an experiment I can run when I eventually take the plunge of building a niche site, but for now it just isn’t a viable option.

When I bought the service I specifically requested that the links were made gradually (40 a day instead of 1400 at once), so hopefully I wont finish seeing the benefits for some time yet! That said, the risk is still prominent and I could find myself penalised by those google robots we love to try and second guess at any time.

This series is far from over! Assuming the results continue in the right direction I plan to test more Fiverr gigs both on this website and more, and find out once and for all if paying for backlinks really works. In the mean time, if you’d like to join in, leave a comment or drop me a line in the comments or on twitter, I’d love to hear about your experiences on the subject.

 Buying Backlinks on Fiverr: Part Two


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