Buying Expired Domains For Backlinks and New Sites

A few months ago now, I was listening to Spencer Haws’ amazing podcast where he interviewed the awesome Hayden Miyamoto over the course of two shows (roughly an hour long each). I have listened to these two shows over and over again, and though things have changed in the world of search engines and niche sites since the podcast was released, I am still fascinated by the techniques discussed, and have been experimenting with them.

The subject they were talking about was expired or deleted domains. Domains that have either become redundant due to having served their purpose ( for example) or the owners have simply lost interest or deleted the site for another reason. What are the benefits of picking up a domain with history?

  • Domain Age. It can make your site look older than it is, and it is thought that a domain with a 10 year history will outrank a similar site with a one year history, longevity is important to Google.
  • Backlinks. The site may well already have backlinks pointing to it which increases its authority in Google’s eyes, especially if these are from reliable and valued sources.
  • PR. This mainly stems from the existing links, but some of these sites are available for purchase with a very high page rank already. I’ve picked up PR3 and 4 websites with relative ease before, which is really beneficial for your future plans with the domain.

Very well, so what is the best thing to do when you pick up one of these domains, and how is it helpful to your niche site pursuits? Well, personally I think either an authority site, a ‘link farm’ or both can be great uses of these valuable domains. Here are my tips for both.

  1. Authority sites. Ok, if you plan to build your new domain out as a new authority site then you MUST make sure it is relevant to the subject suggested in the name of the domain or the content that was previously on it. Building an authority site on the domain all about politics is going to mean it is harder to rank in Google and that your links are of less value or relevance. The main benefit of having an authority site on one of these domains is that it will probably be a lot more highly respected than if you just built it on a brand new domain, it will rank higher and perform better (and quicker).
  2. “Link Farms”. There is some debate in the webmaster community of whether this is a more “black hat” technique. Building links to your money sites from these aged domains is a pretty common technique we are starting to see used more and more. In effect you are passing on the high authority of the site you have acquired to your own sites. The problem is that if your sites are on the same “shared” hosting account, google might figure out what you’re doing and penalise your site, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. The only real way around it is separate hosting accounts and even C Class IP addresses but this can prove very expensive. Link farms are certainly a more risky use of expired or deleted domains.

Where to Find Them

There are actually quite a few methods of finding expired domains, so I’m going to put them into a separate tutorial to be released soon, for more information in the mean time just search for Hayden Miyamoto and Spencer Haws to find the interview, or subscribe to Spencer’s “Niche Pursuits Podcast” on iTunes.

 Buying Expired Domains For Backlinks and New Sites


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