Can I Really Make Money Blogging?


The ultimate question you’ll be asking before you see the revenue ticking into your blog. Can I really make money blogging? More than just a few cents, I mean a proper income, either supplementary or full time.

Okay so I don’t claim to be the most successful blogger going, I’m relatively new to the whole business. I’ll be updating this article as my blogging career grows. I think you need belief before you can achieve anything in blogging. If you’re just starting out, don’t forget that everybody has to start somewhere, and there are plenty of people who have started out in the blogosphere with no idea of the income they could create.

Staying Optimistic

Blogging used to be something people were really skeptical about, and still is to an extent, but tons of people have proved already that it can generate an income, and a handsome one at that. Check out to see exactly what blogging can do for your bank balance.

Why shouldn’t we be optimistic when starting off in blogging? Anything we don’t know about SEO or writing we can learn, the fact that we only have 12 followers on Twitter is far from ideal, but it’ll grow if we keep working at it. The only reason to not be optimistic would be if we thought that it simply wasn’t possible to make money out of our blog. The fact is that it’s more than possible to make money with online content. The internet is a huge marketplace, and is growing all the time. It’s full of advertising space (and advertisers), shops (and buyers) and social networks (with people). Put yourself somewhere in the chain of money changing hands on the internet, whether it’s an affiliate program, pay-per-click advertising scheme or a self-serving advertising scheme, a nice chunk of that money could be going into your pocket. Billions of dollars change hands on the internet every week. Why can’t a slice of that be yours?

It takes TIME

Patience really is a virtue. There’s no way in the world your blog will rank highly on google straight away, there’s no way you’ll build up a lot of links back to your site in a few days and unless you already have established followings on social networks you’ll struggle to drive any traffic yourself. Don’t be put off though, we all have to start somewhere. The way I look at my blog is that I’m working now for a payment that will start some time in the next 3-6 months if I’m very lucky, but that just might earn me money for the next 10 years. Let that thought drive you.

It has to be the right subject

You wont make money blogging about your daily routine unless you’re a rockstar or movie star or something. You need to pick a profitable subject (I’ll be writing about this next so stay tuned).

In Summary

Pick your subject. Be patient. Believe. Yes, you can make money blogging, people do it already and I very much doubt the internet is a dying industry – people have started taking blogging seriously and done right it can prove very profitable.

 Can I Really Make Money Blogging?


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