Clever Domain Names – Finding A Domain For Your Website


With more and more blogs and websites springing up every single day, it almost seems like the internet is filling up. Availability on domains is poor to say the least, and when you come up with a supercool domain, a lot of the time it will already be taken, and whoever is on the other end of it will want you to part with huge sums of cash to get your hands on it. Fine if you’re a millionaire, but you’re probably not. So what is the solution? Well, luckily for us, the authorities that regulate domain names are doing some work on the subject, and trying to come up with more ‘tlds’ (top level domains) such as .app, .inc and more, but for now, we can only put our websites on what is available commercially, a .info tld, .com tld, .net (like this blog) or something along those lines. Lots of people are coming up with awesome ways to get their hands on a domain that is both available and brandable.

Before I give examples, I’m going to talk about a super cool tool that I have used many times when I’ve been struggling with a domain, and guess what? It’s cleverly named itself…

Domainr allows you to search (in reel time) for available domains, and automatically suggests clever endings for your domain. So lets say you wanted to make a site about spotted cows, Domainr would suggest the domain and tell you whether or not it is available! Amazingly useful in the world of diminishing domains.

One of the best things about these unusual domains is that they’re becoming more popular, and people are getting used to them, which can only help from a branding perspective.

Here are some of the best uses of alternative TLDs and clever domain names. - the .ag domain ending is superb for anybody running a magazine, for obvious reasons! – currently there’s nothing on this domain (this might change soon), I personally wish I had this domain, and it’s brilliant for something travel related. The .es domain ending is Spanish (espanyol). - Another one I wish I owned! The .st domain has been cleverly put at the end of the word to turn this into a great domain. – Probably the best known of the unusual domain endings. Instagram was bought this year by Facebook, which gives you some idea of the size of the photo sharing social network. The multi million pound value of the site shows there really are no restrictions to domains like this, go forth and be creative!

 Clever Domain Names   Finding A Domain For Your Website


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