Content Creation is King

You’ve probably heard the saying “content is king”. It’s no joke, content really is the most important part of internet marketing, it is the linchpin holding together everything else you are trying to achieve. Sales, SEO, blogging, niche sites, it all boils down to content, and the task of creating good quality content on a regular basis falls to us, the website owners, bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs.

So what do I class as quality content?

  • Blog posts that offer value. I don’t care if that value is offered in 100 words or 1500, and think it is a shame that a lot of people drag out blog posts just for SEO purposes. Sometimes 100 words is all that is needed to provide the information or inspiration that people need. Don’t write for the sake of it, write because you have something to say. Whether a blog post or article is worthwhile depends 100% on the audience. If they get something out of it then it has been worth it.
  • Videos. Video offers us an amazing way to connect in the 21st century. I don’t take advantage of video as much as I could but I am very much aware of it’s importance. Videos can come in many formats including interviews, documentaries, tutorials and even funny promotional videos. Again, if it is enjoyed and valuable information is transferred then it constitutes quality.
  • Podcasts. Ah, the power of a podcast! I love podcasts and subscribe to loads in the internet marketing space. Having a regular opportunity to present a show and address your audience directly allows you to provide them with tons of information and your personality can shine through.
  • Photographs. This works better for some niches than others, but photos can add another dimension to your website.

The area that a lot of people struggle with is regularly putting content out. It is the whole point of a blog and what your audience (not to mention the search engines) are expecting. So why should you focus on creating content above all other areas?

Well, the truth is that your content is probably your product, or at least one of your products. Without it you have nothing to sell. It is easy to get bogged down in doing SEO or social networking and trying to drive traffic, but without the content to boot you’re just a shopkeeper advertising an empty shop. Regular content is 100% necessary for your success.

Don’t fear, though, you can definitely put out three or four posts a week by combining the methods above. My advice is to combine two main methods of creating content, for instance text and a podcast or videos and text.

Hold Yourself Accountable

If you’re struggling with regularity of content, create a schedule of say three or four posts a week, share it, pin it up, and be accountable for it. You can stray from it a bit here and there but in general your goal should be laid out in front of you to avoid straying and making excuses to put off the all important task of content creation.

Just Ship It

So many of us fall foul of trying to be perfect. Perfectionism is a curse and a lot of the time you’ll get away with not worrying about perfection. I’m not contradicting myself, and I do stand by my comments about quality content, but you are allowed imperfections, nobody is going to judge you for a slightly shaky video or a tiny bit of bad grammar. Yes it is best avoided but it  is better to put something out and try to improve as time goes on than to constantly stay in the shadows out of fear of not being amazing. Just ship it!

 Content Creation is King


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