Empowr Pays You For Your Content

empowrlogo130913 Empowr Pays You For Your ContentEmpowr is a one-of-a-kind, swiftly growing social network which has an exceptionally unique marketing factor – its customers get a share of all of the revenue that Empowr generates. Consequently they have a large impact in just how the Empowr community operates.

The principle is basic, and it is, furthermore, a hassle-free way of earning money online – you basically post material on the social networking platform, and watch your profits grow. The only folks that could potentially view this as being an irritating means to generate income are those who do not make money online – or those that have very little desire to use social media.

If you enjoy networking with other people and building a loyal following, then Empowr is perfect for you as every member of the community is open to it and reciprocity is one of the key elements that drives individual success.

If you’re a blog writer with a considerable amount or even if you are just starting out, you can transfer your skill for writing and repost your content onto Empowr and enjoy monetary benefits for it.

If you are skilled at making videos, taking photos, or simply sharing ones that other people have taken, you could use this to your benefit and gain a following on Empowr too. It’s that simple.

Almost everything that people are doing for free on the internet in hopes of making money can be done on Empowr. The difference is that Empowr pays you for everything you do:

BLOGS: If you enjoy writing or sharing content that you find on the internet, then Empowr may be the place you have actually been searching for. At Empowr you can voice your opinions about anything and everything, from national politics and present events, to films and music. Merely keep things appealing and you can market your material on Empowr, which then draws in customers and business for both you and the community.

MEDIA: Individuals love to view videos and photos online. If you enjoy sharing or creating videos or photos, then you can post them on Empowr and earn from all of the views you receive.

SELLING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: Empowr has a full-fledged marketplace with thousands of fixed price and auction listings created by other Empowr members every week. All Empowr customers are free to create their very own listings at no cost to them, and they will earn 90 % of the final price of everything they sell.

CREATING ADS: Empowr hosts advertisements through their social network just like all other social networks. The difference between Empowr and the rest is that every member of Empowr is able to and encouraged to create their own ads, and they can actually earn revenue from those ads.

By creating ads for blog posts on Empowr, users have the ability to earn money for every click their ad receives depending on the amount of time someone spends on the blog post that is advertised. Additionally, by creating ads for marketplace listings, Empowr users earn a commission from every sale that is made through their ads.

Empowr doesn’t force their users to pay for the ads upfront, but rather allow them to create the ads and then pay for only the ads that actually produce for them.


Consistent email updates from a certain site can rapidly end up being frustrating. Empowr recognizes this and gives all users the option of either obtaining regular updates, or unsubscribing at any time.

To opt out, you use the unsubscribe function which is connected to all e-mails sent to you by Empowr. This does not imply that you will certainly lose out on communication with the web site; all it indicates is you won’t get regular e-mail communications from the company, but rather have it sent to your Empowr inbox just.

 Empowr Pays You For Your Content


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