Facebook Like Popup – How to Install One and Should I Bother?


I’ve sent a lot of traffic to one of my blogs in the last few months. I’m really keen to grow and develop this particular blog to the point where it gets traffic from all angles, social networks included and so with my analytics account showing me that my monthly visitors are into five figures, I would be expecting at least a small percentage to go ahead and find me on Facebook, but in spite of a widget in the side bar showing my facebook account and asking for a like in that cheeky facebook way, I have received just 8 Facebook likes. That’s it! Out of tens of thousands of visitors, just three have converted to Facebook likes. There must be a better way.

Call it desperation, but I decided this figure simply had to increase. Is a Facebook like popup the best way to go about it? Or will it purely scare people away from my Blog altogether? Only one way to find out…

Firstly, I’ll guide you through how I installed my ‘like’ plugin in WordPress. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox was the first Plugin I found that seemed to do the job, and wordpress users will probably know that it’s very rare to stumble upon the right plugin straight away, but alas! I did! This cool piece of kit was installed within a few seconds, and after giving it my Facebook page details in the login, it was ready to go. Simply install the plugin the same as any other and let it do its magic. What I love about the Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is that it lets you choose where you want to display the lightbox (pages, posts, archive, home page), whether you would like a delay at all (allowing your readers time to read before the box pops up) and exactly how long in Milliseconds you’d like the delay to be. Great control parameters for a plugin like that, after all, nobody likes downloading a plugin and not being able to do what we want with it.

Installing the plugin isn’t the only thing that needs your attention though, having a Facebook like popup, or indeed any popup on your blog, is actually a big step to take. Think about it, whenever a box flashes up while you’re on a website, you probably just click off it, and on top of that, it might even annoy you and put you off going back to the site, which is completely counterproductive! We want to encourage people to come back. Some big sites and sites that are run by people I admire use popups though, Adsense Flippers being an example. I dont think I’m against this as a webmaster, so I’m trying it out.

The purpose of this post is to provide a forum to discuss whether you use a ‘Facebook like Popup’ or find it too intrusive, so let me know your experiences in the comments below. I’ll also continue to update the site with the results of my experiment. Also, you might notice that I don’t currently have a popup for my Facebook page on this site currently, so if you would like to…err…like me, head over here.

 Facebook Like Popup   How to Install One and Should I Bother?


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