Fastest Way to Make Money Online


So you want to know the fastest way to make money online? If you look in the right places on the internet, people will tell you to be patient, and on the whole, this is the correct advice, and you should stick to it, but there are exceptions, and ways to accelerate the process. Look in the wrong places on the internet and you’ll find cheesy photos of men holding massive cheques telling you that within a week you can be making a million dollars a day by typing three words, and I’m sure you’re intelligent enough to be able to avoid the scams out there. This article is my genuine and realistic outlook on the fastest ways to make money online.

What do I mean by fast? Well, if you’re trying to build a website or blog yourself, gain a following and make waves on the internet then it isn’t a fast process. It will take a long time to rank well on google, it will take a long time to get 100,000 followers on social networks, and it will take a long time to build connections to sell ad space to and the like. But making money online is big business nowadays, and whilst your own endeavours and long time goals should be encouraged, here are some ways you can make an honest buck while your own empire is growing.

  • Provide a service on – Fiverr is not just a quirky place to pay someone to record themselves singing a funny song you wrote for your grandma’s birthday. Fiverr has become an outsourcing superhighway, and if you look on the site I’m sure you’ll see what you might be able to offer for the princely sum of $5, whether it’s copywriting, graphics, advertising or something else, try and think about what people will pay you. If you can provide a service that doesn’t cost you a lot of time then you might be able to make a decent sum of money out of it.
  • Copywriting. Your writing skills shouldn’t go to waste! If you’re good at it, don’t do it for free, check out the jobs board on and apply for some jobs writing copy for other people’s blogs, and you can help yourself to a supplementary income if not a full time income.
  • Create a product. Whether you’re selling T Shirts or eBooks, a product means that you dont necessarily need big traffic to make money, especially if you’re targeting the right people online. For example, an eBook might be worth €20, and you might only need to sell 10 a week in order to get by, 10 orders sounds a bit better than the 100,000 hits you might need to generate that same income.
  • Sell something on an already big site. eBay is probably the best example, but craigslist might work, along with and tons of others. The reason for this is that your site/project is probably going to take some time to get off the ground, whereas these sites will already have a ton of traffic and a customer base ready to see (and hopefully buy) your product or service. Bingo.

A lot of the above is quite generic, and of course if you have specific skills you can utilise the internet to make money faster than you ordinarily would have been able. If you take a good photo, for example, you can sell your stock photography on a site such as istockphoto, you’re then piggybacking on another site’s existing success. Not a bad thing, just a way to get a leg up into what is a tough industry to gain clout in.

This, as with most of my articles, is a work in progress, so if you do have anything you’d like to see added to the list, email me or leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

 Fastest Way to Make Money Online


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