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In my pursuit of niche site profits, I’ve heard loads of people say that it’s not always about the backlinks, it’s not about the guest posts, the advertising, the social networks. What’s it all about? The niche you’ve chosen, and your keyword research. Now I’m not going to give away my niche, but suffice to say it focuses around a specific type of job. I started my site a week ago. Not just started to add content, physically went and bought the domain (first time owner) and created a site on WordPress a week ago. Of course, not every niche is easy to rank for, but if you pick the right keyword you can get there straight away with little to no promotion or SEO.

So what’s the deal with the keyword I’ve chosen?

I was happy with the keyword. I’ve started to branch out from the authority sites I try to create and break into niche sites (mainly inspired by Adsense Flippers, Spencer @ Niche Pursuits et al). I can’t say about profits yet as I have only installed ads today, but I’m really hopeful that this site will turn me over a little cash every month and create a process I can scale. So what made me choose this niche and keyword?

  • It’s searched for 1,600 times a month globally – not amazing, but enough to make it worthwhile (we hope).
  • 84 pence CPC according to Google. Again, I haven’t got to test this but if it’s true then this is definitely a keeper. (84 pence is about $1.20 for those of you reading across the pond.
  • I was able to pick up an exact match domain (, not bad for a two word term that isn’t unusual. I was happy with it, and .org is a decent extension to use, better than a .info tld as my experiment with those domains is starting to tell me…
I’ve done my research on niche sites like this, and I was expecting to rank within about two months, and maybe be number one after three or four, but now I’m hopeful that I’ll reach number one, and within a three month time scale. If my site is making good money, I’ll either flip it on or try and sell it privately, or I’ll just sit on the revenue.

Moving forward with this particular niche site, the expansion opportunities are…well, not great. I think I could write three or four new articles for it and pick up some long tail keyword traffic, but this is never going to turn into an authority site, just because of the domain I’ve chosen. However, that’s fine for me, I like the keyword I’ve chosen and if it can generate me £10-15 ($15-20) a month, I’ll know I’m doing enough right to want to make 100-200 of these sites or even more.

 First Page of Google Within a Week   Niche Site Mastery


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