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Which SEO Strategies Will Work in 2013?

page rank 300x195 Which SEO Strategies Will Work in 2013?

Okay, I’m a little late jumping on the boat with this one as we’re already two weeks into 2013, but I thought I’d share the techniques I think will be working for search engine optimization, and a few more predictions on the world of SEO in the year to come.

Loads and loads of content.

For a while now the amount of content needed to rank well has, in general been increasing. Posts of 300 words would have ranked once upon a time, but not anymore, and though in general it is said that 4-500 words should be your minimum, I’m of the opinion that in most cases, more content is better. I have noticed in recent weeks and months when doing keyword research that one aspect has seemed to hold more weight than all others when it is being decided what rises to the top, and that is the amount of content. The other day I was doing keyword research for a new article for my travel blog. The highest ranking result had a partial match domain, a Page Rank of 0, and wasn’t a huge site, but the page itself had TONS of content, videos, text and photos, it is obvious to me that this is why it was deemed good enough to be Google’s top dog.

I’m not saying that writing a really long post on a brand new blog guarantees it top spot, and a 1,000 word post on your 2 week old blog probably wont outrank a 500 word post on the Huffington Post, but content should definitely underpin your SEO strategy.

Quality over Quantity Links

This isn’t new, really, and recent updates from the big G have definitely worked towards trimming the fat regarding poor link profiles. When I started trying to rank sites I would write on any article directory going, but this is not the case anymore, one high profile site putting your article online with a dofollow link will be far more effective than 20 links on spammy article directories. Directories aren’t to be discounted, but if they are relevant, they can be quality links too.


I’m not the only SEO enthusiast who talks a lot about social, and I do believe that the social aspects of the internet already hold a lot of weight, which will continue to grow as time goes on. Social sites go far beyond Twitter and Facebook and expect Pinterest, Scoop.It and many more similar sites to become more powerful as time goes on. Of course, it makes sense that Google Plus holds a lot of power for obvious reasons.

In summary, I’m going back to basics for 2013. I’ve heard an awful lot of success stories from people doing little to no back linking. Although I will aim to get some high profile guest spots, my main focus is output of quality content (and lots of it). People talk about natural looking link profiles, well what better way to achieve a natural looking link profile than to make sure it actually is created naturally? Stick your white hats on and strap in for the long haul.

Finally, a bit of recommended reading for you over at Spencer Haws’ Niche Pursuits, in which he talks about a lot of these techniques and how he is ranking two new authority style sites:


How to Make Sure Your Blog is Regularly Updated With New Content

One of the first things we learn about blogging is how important it is to update regularly. The search engines love new content, as do your readers, and keeping a rhythm of posting is key to keeping people engaged and allow your blog to grow steadily. Not all of us have time to post to our blog every day though, or even the recommended 3 or 4 times a week, especially considering the fact that it is recommended that our posts exceed 400 words nowadays, so how can we make sure our blogs are updated with new content all the time without spending hours at our desks or laptops writing?

  • Allow Guest Posts. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Guest posts are one of the best ways out there for sourcing new content. It is mutually beneficial, you get new content and in return give the writer a link back to their website. You need to moderate this and make sure you’re not just publishing any old rubbish on your blog, so building good relationships with writers is important.
  • Buy Content. There are lots of organisations out there who will provide great content for a reasonable price. Freelance writers might be hard to come by but once you find one you can pay them to regularly provide content. If you’re making money from your blogs you can think of this as a business expense. You can hire me for writing gigs too at a competitive price.
  • Aggregate Other People’s Content. Don’t think of it as cheating. Many people will be glad to see collections of other peoples’ content as long as you provide value. A list of the best blog posts you’ve seen that week or a collection of Youtube videos around a certain theme can be a great way to craft a quick and easy blog post.
  • Make Videos. Videos can be another way to make a quick but valuable post. Also, they can drive traffic directly from the sites oyu’re hosting them on such as Vimeo and Youtube, and provide backlinks to your site. Win/Win situation.
  • Make a Podcast. Similar deal to videos, and especially good if you don’t like your face being on screen. Podcasts are a good way to establish a following and grow your online businesses as well as increase respect for you in your particular niche. They can also be a nice variation from writing new posts.
  • Post Photos. Easier in some niches than in others, but photos open up a new realm of possibilities for your site. Not only can you be found from Google’s image searches and Flickr, they’re also great ‘link bait’, meaning an inspiring or clever photo could well be linked to from loads of social networks and websites, providing you with great exposure.
  • Just Do It. It can be easy to just say “oh I’ll post tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes. You need discipline in this game, and putting aside the time to just sit down, focus and bash out some new content is integral to your success.

Article Marketing Tips


Article Marketing in the digital age, is a form of promotion for websites or other businesses that involves writing an article on somebody else’s website about your own project. The articles can be about the author or the business involved, but more commonly are about an area of expertise or field of work. The purpose of article marketing is threefold; to drive traffic via clicks, to create backlinks for your website in order to gain a high page rank, and to build your authority in your chosen niche. The most common forms of article marketing are writing guest posts, or submitting articles to article directories such as Squidoo or Hubpages. It isn’t always simple, though, so I’ve created some article marketing tips to help you through the minefield.

Post in Relevant Places

Nobody wants to hear about your new gaming company website, or anything to do with gaming for that matter, on a furniture website for instance. Consider the relevance of the sites where you are posting your articles, this will aid both the traffic coming to your site (it will be more targeted from sites in your niche) and also the SEO value of the link, as it will be coming from a site that is in your field.

Offer Some Expertise

It’s all very well writing a post on a site about how much you love your business, or how you started your business, or how your business runs, but the chances are that nobody really cares. If you can offer some knowledge or expertise then it is more likely that people will pay attention, and that your article will even get published.

Dont Buy Backlinks

I know it can be tempting to sling some cash at a webmaster simply to throw a link in an article, but it is against Google’s terms of service, and if you get found out, they will make you suffer!

Have a Call to Action

That’s what you’re writing the post for after all. An author bio or section at the end explaining who you are and what you’re trying to achieve will send people in the direction of your site. This is far more effective than simply shoving a link in the text somewhere random.

Present Yourself Professionally

If you write like a joker, you will not gain respect or traffic. If you’re writing an article simply for the backlink then the quality will probably suffer, and you’ll waffle. Make sure you assume that people are going to actually read the article, otherwise there’s no chance of you grabbing their attention.

Guest Posts: My Biggest Yet…


As you hopefully know, my aim here on Dollars Per Day is to provide tips and information on the world of blogging as I go about it myself. Today, I had a guest post published that I was super excited about, hence my post here. Hopefully you can learn something about another step I have taken on my journey to make a living online.

I woke up yesterday morning with a real determination to move my blogs to the next level. In case you don’t know, I’m working on a network of Four blogs currently, and I have to resist the urge to start more every day! I need to move them up a notch in my quest to making a living out of them, and guest blogging, as I’ve already discussed on the blog, is a great way of doing so. I started approaching more bloggers. I decided that I wouldn’t worry too much about page rank or the following of the blog, though if I managed to catch a big fish it was a real bonus. I started with what I knew, the bloggers I already follow online. I have in the past already approached the inspirational Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse. Pat doesn’t have any spaces at the moment, which I completely understand! I have no hard feelings, I knew I was really trying to punch above my weight here as my blog is comparatively tiny (at the moment). Darren hasn’t got back to me yet, I hope he will just so I can see his name pop into my inbox, but again I expect that he has offers like this coming out of his ears. No hard feelings here either, but it was worth a shot!

I approached a few more bloggers, and I’ve started to get proposals across to people for some posts we now have in the pipeline. Exciting!

Imagine my delight when the amazing John from got back to me. He was happy for me to submit some stuff, providing I met his criteria, which was fair enough. I got a bit too eager here, I was excited to associate the brands I’m trying to build with John’s success and slick site. I wrote my article in about 40 minutes, but I was happy with it and sent it over. I think perhaps this is something I will avoid in the future, as it may well have raised suspicions of it’s originality! Oops! However, John was happy with it and it went online today. Two of my blogs were linked to and are now associated with his brilliant site. I’ve built a relationship with a blogger I’ve admired for some time, and I couldn’t be happier. You can check out the article here. John was nice enough to send me this email after he’d published it:

john tentblogger 300x65 Guest Posts: My Biggest Yet...

A nice touch from a Blogger I will continue to admire and hopefully work with in the future. Thanks, John, if you’re reading.

I’m accepting guest posts here too, so you can contact me if you’d like to submit an article for some promotion. Happy blogging, folks!

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