Guest Posts: A Promotional Method Not to be Ignored


Guest posts have, for a very long time now, been a great method of promoting your blog and writings online, but it can be hard to stay motivated to do all that work just for one measly link back to your website, right? I agree completely, and unless the blog you’re writing for is one with a very big reputation and huge traffic this is even more relevant, but guest posting is important on every level of blogging if you ask me. This article is designed to explain why.

Firstly, from an SEO point of view, your back links are important, and you need as many websites out there pointing back to yours as you can possibly get, right? Of course, a guest blog post will probably only get you one or two, but these can still be important for two main reasons. Firstly, Google will never (in my opinion) change their algorithm to penalise guest blogging, it is a positive practice which encourages the sharing of quality information, and I’m sure google will want to reward all the bloggers out there who participate. Secondly, the link back to your website may just be one link, but if you’re going to bother with a guest blog it’s got to be on a site that’s relevance, and Google will again inevitably reward relevance in your back links, and a guest blog is probably much more helpful than scouring the web and leaving comments on half-related blogs – google is bound to reward these kind of ‘easy’ back links less and less as they become more and more intelligent.

Another thing to bear in mind is the potential audience that a guest blog post can bring, and not just in the short term but long term too. If you make sure you are properly credited on the blog, with a short bio within your article, people who enjoy reading your article will probably come back to your webspace, and not just read for a few seconds, but ‘like’, subscribe and sign-up in ways that will keep them engaged in the long term too. By putting yourself in an entirely new space on the internet, and one that it is not your responsibility to promote, you’re creating a constant stream of engaged readers for years to come, and even if you only gain 5 readers a day for that time, it adds up over the long term.

Guest post have another key benefit that is often overlooked, and that’s the building of a relationship with a fellow blogger, something it is so important to do. This of course has benefits when it comes to the odd mention on social networks etc. – having somebody willing to help you promote your blog can be amazingly helpful throughout what can be a lonely time in cyberspace. The other plus point of such relationships is that you never know when a blogger is going to become the next big thing on the blogosphere, and if you’ve helped them to get there, they’re sure to reward you with future opportunities to reach a much wider audience, everybody wins. Let’s not forget that if you guest on a website of a similar size to your own, there’s nothing to say that the owner will be against writing some posts for your site, which means you’re not really even sacrificing content that could go on your own site.

Hopefully these tips are helpful and completely justify an art which should not be ignored in the quest to reach the top of your niche. As with all articles, this is a work in progress, and if you email me with suggestions I’ll probably be happy to edit the article to include them. If you’re interested in a guest post on this blog, drop me an email or comment and we’ll see what we can do. Happy blogging.

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 Guest Posts: A Promotional Method Not to be Ignored


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