Guest Posts: My Biggest Yet…


As you hopefully know, my aim here on Dollars Per Day is to provide tips and information on the world of blogging as I go about it myself. Today, I had a guest post published that I was super excited about, hence my post here. Hopefully you can learn something about another step I have taken on my journey to make a living online.

I woke up yesterday morning with a real determination to move my blogs to the next level. In case you don’t know, I’m working on a network of Four blogs currently, and I have to resist the urge to start more every day! I need to move them up a notch in my quest to making a living out of them, and guest blogging, as I’ve already discussed on the blog, is a great way of doing so. I started approaching more bloggers. I decided that I wouldn’t worry too much about page rank or the following of the blog, though if I managed to catch a big fish it was a real bonus. I started with what I knew, the bloggers I already follow online. I have in the past already approached the inspirational Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse. Pat doesn’t have any spaces at the moment, which I completely understand! I have no hard feelings, I knew I was really trying to punch above my weight here as my blog is comparatively tiny (at the moment). Darren hasn’t got back to me yet, I hope he will just so I can see his name pop into my inbox, but again I expect that he has offers like this coming out of his ears. No hard feelings here either, but it was worth a shot!

I approached a few more bloggers, and I’ve started to get proposals across to people for some posts we now have in the pipeline. Exciting!

Imagine my delight when the amazing John from got back to me. He was happy for me to submit some stuff, providing I met his criteria, which was fair enough. I got a bit too eager here, I was excited to associate the brands I’m trying to build with John’s success and slick site. I wrote my article in about 40 minutes, but I was happy with it and sent it over. I think perhaps this is something I will avoid in the future, as it may well have raised suspicions of it’s originality! Oops! However, John was happy with it and it went online today. Two of my blogs were linked to and are now associated with his brilliant site. I’ve built a relationship with a blogger I’ve admired for some time, and I couldn’t be happier. You can check out the article here. John was nice enough to send me this email after he’d published it:

john tentblogger 300x65 Guest Posts: My Biggest Yet...

A nice touch from a Blogger I will continue to admire and hopefully work with in the future. Thanks, John, if you’re reading.

I’m accepting guest posts here too, so you can contact me if you’d like to submit an article for some promotion. Happy blogging, folks!

 Guest Posts: My Biggest Yet...


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