High Page Rank – Does it Matter?


Unless you’re completely new to the website creation game, you’ll probably be aware of Page Rank. Page Rank (or PR) is a value between 0 and 10 that is applied to every page on the internet by google. As with most things Google, its origins are not known for sure, but most agree that this value is almost entirely based on backlinks, and the pages on the rest of the internet that point to yours. For example, if a site with a Page Rank of 6 links to yours, you’re likely to gain a lot of that ‘link juice’ and see your PR shoot up. Likewise, if all of your links come from PR0 or 1 sites, you’ll struggle to get any sort of ranking in this system.

So what does it matter?

Most SEO types are in agreement that PR has very little (or absolutely nothing) to do with where your site and pages show up in google. High Page Rank is not necessarily enough to get you to the top of google, and you’ll need a heck of a lot more going on within your site to rank for keywords. So why is PR held in such esteem? Why do people use it as a representation of their site and how successful it is? People use it as a representation because that’s exactly what it is. PR is a reflection of the success your site is having with its SEO and general clout on the internet. There are tons of things that come into play where your success on Google is concerned, but they are not easy to pin down. Page Rank gives us a simple figure to deal with, and a generalisation of the profile of a site.

Do I need High Page Rank?

There’s no simple answer to this, but I’ll do my best. In short, the answer is no. High Page Rank will not automatically guarantee you success, and a site with PR2 can outrank a site with PR5 on Google, it all depends on their on page SEO and how they are optimised for certain keywords. However, if I’m going to write new content for my site, or create a new niche or authority site, the main value I look at on my opposition sites is Page Rank. If a site is ranking top of google and has PR5, I know that I’m in for a hell of a ride getting it to number one over this site, as somebody has built up a good link profile and solid site to attain this rank. If, on the other hand, top of google is a PR0 or unrelated site, I know I can beat it with relative ease. It’s just a value for webmasters to use, like a currency, to evaluate how well a site is doing.

 High Page Rank   Does it Matter?


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