How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money Online?


Regular readers will know that my site is all about a journey to make money online, and not just a few pounds (or dollars, sorry) here and there, but a good solid income, even better than I could make in an average job here in the UK. I know a lot of people share my dream of making a living on the internet, but a lot of us (I’m not excluding myself) can be really impatient, and if we’re going to be dedicating a lot of our time to online pursuits, we expect some sort of return relatively quickly. If I write 100 articles, I don’t want them to just make me a few pence each, I want to make enough money that I feel like it has been worth my time. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple online.

The title of this article is actually a little misleading;  It suggests I have an answer. I don’t have an exact answer for you, and the truth is that no such thing exists, it is different in almost every single instance, but I can share with you my experiences and the things I’ve learned about making money online.

If You’re Looking for Passive Income, Don’t Expect it Quickly

One of the great things about making your money on the internet is that it can be relatively passive. It’s a myth that you can work for 20 minutes a week and rake in a seven figure salary, but that said, your income can be more passive than most. An article you write today could be making you money five or six years in the future, whether you’re asleep or awake, sitting at your desk or laying on the beach, but you wont get there overnight. Websites that rank highly, eBooks and digital products that sell well, membership sites, eCommerce and almost every other method you can utilise to create your online income will take a long time to build.

When building out my sites, I try to become a real authority in the niche. I don’t simply want to rank for a couple of keywords for a few months and make me a little bit of cash, I want to build a really great site with a big following, a community and a lot of articles that can drive traffic, make me sales and sell products I have created. The sites I consider ‘competitors’ (or just those to model my own site on) have tens of thousands of backlinks, thousands of articles and a loyal following. Reaching this level can be hugely rewarding, not to mention profitable, but don’t expect to get there for a few years. Your income might start to kick in after 6 months, but don’t expect anything spectacular until you’ve created an amazing resource and promoted it like there’s no tomorrow.

There Are Faster Ways

You don’t have to be ‘black hat’ or use spammy techniques to make money quickly. I’ve written an article about many of the methods to make money online quickly and there are ways that you can simply trade your expertise and time for peoples money. Offering a service is the main way people utilise the internet to make money quickly, and with the correct service you can do this remotely too, creating a good home job, but it’s only ever going to be a lifestyle business, and you’re not really building something great for the future such as a huge authority website.

Business Models are There to Be Experimented With

I mention the Adsense Flippers a lot here, because they’re an amazing team doing brilliant things and sharing their techniques with the rest of us. These guys build out sites before selling them, a business model that has worked really well for them, and it speeds up the process somewhat. Once their site is ranking and making an income, they can sell it for a chunk of cash (say 15 times its monthly income) and move onto the next. It might not rank any quicker, but when it does they can make a nice big lump sum instead of maintaining their sites and just letting the income trickle in slowly. Be creative with your business model and you could see similar results.


In my opinion, a balance of these long term, passive projects and a few fast moneymakers is a winning combination. We all need to eat and pay the rent, so some money needs to be made while the empire is being built. The truth is that you can set up a service or simple website selling something, and if you get it right, you can start making money tomorrow, but it wont be spectacular, and all the top online earners have been at it for years.

 How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money Online?


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