How To Get Your Blog Noticed


Get your blog noticed. It’s a hard world out there for the aspiring blogger, and it can be really tough to get any sort of recognition for what you’re doing. I’ve been serious about blogging for only a matter of months, with relative success considering my time scales. In that time I’ve accrued a number of great tips on how to get your blog noticed. Just my two cents.

  1. Write Quality.
  2. Offer information not available elsewhere.
  3. Post Videos and Photos.
  4. Be active on social networks. As many as you can find – StumbleUpon and Twitter are my favourites.
  5. Create a Youtube Channel.
  6. Start a Podcast.
  7. Connect with as many people as you can.
  8. Put your blog in your email signature – give people a reason to read it.
  9. Post on relevant forums. Put a link to your blog in your signature.
  10. Email blogmasters with relevant blogs; tell them what you’re trying to achieve and why they should share your post.
  11. Guest post on other blogs.
  12. Comment on relevant blogs, leave a link to relevant content on your own blog.
  13. Get a blogging business card. Put a QR Code link to your blog on it.
  14. Post regularly.
  15. Let people write guest posts on your blog.
  16. Use Google’s keyword tool to find relevant keywords.
  17. Learn about SEO.
  18. Stand out.
  19. Blog about what nobody else is blogging about.
  20. Criticise other information (with reason).
  21. Praise other information (with reason).
  22. Create lists.
  23. Talk about your blog offline.
  24. Create “link-bait” – things you think people will want to link to over and over again.
  25. Provide people with news before anyone else can.
  26. Talk about rumours and gossip. People love to gossip.
  27. Be funny.
  28. Be friendly.
  29. Be genuine.
  30. Trust your instincts.

My experience of blogging is not the same as some of the seasoned pros out there, but the above are the rules I’ll be following in my journey to making a living out of my blog. I will get there, too. So can you.

 How To Get Your Blog Noticed


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