How to increase your workforce’s productivity with screen monitoring software

967211 magnifying glass How to increase your workforces productivity with screen monitoring softwareA lot of us who went to school in recent years will remember doing work on computers, and having not only restrictions in place but a teacher being able to see all the screens. Needless to say, we didn’t want to get caught looking at the latest football news or other time wasting areas of the internet, and it had an impact on the work we were doing. The world of work is not too different, and even though there is always an element of trust in the workplace, if you have a big workforce or you just want to make sure everyone is hard at work, then there is software out there for you!

With work examiner software (, you can not only take screenshots of the people within your work network and what they’re looking at, but you can also track loads of other metrics such as key strokes or what is being typed and looked at, the websites looked at, and the time spent on them. Pretty handy for tracking what others are doing. As well as this, the program can create reports, so you don’t have to be watching in real time, you can simply look at the time saps that are affecting your company. You can also block sites and set up alerts.

This software is great for workplaces, but can also work well for educational establishments and use in the home for monitoring your children’s web usage and making sure they don’t see things they shouldn’t.

 How to increase your workforces productivity with screen monitoring software


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