How to Make Sure Your Blog is Regularly Updated With New Content

One of the first things we learn about blogging is how important it is to update regularly. The search engines love new content, as do your readers, and keeping a rhythm of posting is key to keeping people engaged and allow your blog to grow steadily. Not all of us have time to post to our blog every day though, or even the recommended 3 or 4 times a week, especially considering the fact that it is recommended that our posts exceed 400 words nowadays, so how can we make sure our blogs are updated with new content all the time without spending hours at our desks or laptops writing?

  • Allow Guest Posts. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Guest posts are one of the best ways out there for sourcing new content. It is mutually beneficial, you get new content and in return give the writer a link back to their website. You need to moderate this and make sure you’re not just publishing any old rubbish on your blog, so building good relationships with writers is important.
  • Buy Content. There are lots of organisations out there who will provide great content for a reasonable price. Freelance writers might be hard to come by but once you find one you can pay them to regularly provide content. If you’re making money from your blogs you can think of this as a business expense. You can hire me for writing gigs too at a competitive price.
  • Aggregate Other People’s Content. Don’t think of it as cheating. Many people will be glad to see collections of other peoples’ content as long as you provide value. A list of the best blog posts you’ve seen that week or a collection of Youtube videos around a certain theme can be a great way to craft a quick and easy blog post.
  • Make Videos. Videos can be another way to make a quick but valuable post. Also, they can drive traffic directly from the sites oyu’re hosting them on such as Vimeo and Youtube, and provide backlinks to your site. Win/Win situation.
  • Make a Podcast. Similar deal to videos, and especially good if you don’t like your face being on screen. Podcasts are a good way to establish a following and grow your online businesses as well as increase respect for you in your particular niche. They can also be a nice variation from writing new posts.
  • Post Photos. Easier in some niches than in others, but photos open up a new realm of possibilities for your site. Not only can you be found from Google’s image searches and Flickr, they’re also great ‘link bait’, meaning an inspiring or clever photo could well be linked to from loads of social networks and websites, providing you with great exposure.
  • Just Do It. It can be easy to just say “oh I’ll post tomorrow” and tomorrow never comes. You need discipline in this game, and putting aside the time to just sit down, focus and bash out some new content is integral to your success.
 How to Make Sure Your Blog is Regularly Updated With New Content


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