How to Make Your Blog Popular


No blogger starts out with aspirations to be unpopular, that’s pretty much a given. But what is your definition of popularity? I’ll tell you for free, your blog traffic alone is not a sign of popularity. Driving traffic is one thing, engaging them, and making them interested in your blog is another thing entirely. Traffic is useless if your blog is not pleasing to those who end up there. So, how to make your blog popular?

Here’s what I see as popular; I remember when I found Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn and other bloggers who I am aiming to emulate. The first step was hitting their site, great. Well done Darren and Pat, the backlink building worked, you hit your keywords and I found your sites. The next steps are the ones I want to talk about though. Firstly, I found their blogs easy to navigate, read and use. No annoying popups, nothing that made me want to hit escape. Next, the information they provided. Content is king, Darren and Pat provided loads of quality information, in a direct way, that gained my respect instantly. Thirdly, a friendly and sociable side is key. The two bloggers mentioned both made it easy to hit ‘like’ and subscribe to their blogs. They had compelling ‘about’ sections, photos, and didn’t hide behind their site. The stories of their blogs were compelling, and in my opinion, have played a key part in making them popular. That’s the key. I WANT to support them, I WANT them to make their living online and I WANT their ventures to be successful. Once you’ve got your traffic, you need to keep it. I revisit on a daily basis. Daily. Think about that, do you want somebody to come to your site once, or 365 times a year? It’s a no-brainer, and that’s the definition of popular.

Of course, another huge benefit of making your blog popular is that people will share it. Again we’ll go back to the model of a first-time visitor. Annoying ads, an unfriendly site and a lack of quality information will not lead to readers hitting the facebook like or the twitter share or the stumble button. When I see content I like on problogger, I share it, not just because I want good information to spread, but because I want to support the author. Popularity.

So, in my opinion, there are a few simple steps you can follow. Here’s how to make your blog popular.

  1. Don’t be annoying. No pop-up or pop-under ads, no annoying requests.
  2. Be sociable. Respond to comments, talk to people on forums and social networks.
  3. Be visible. A profile picture is good, a bio is great.
  4. Provide information people want to share.
  5. Make it easy for people to share that information.
  6. Invite people to contribute. Ask for comments, ask for guest posts.
  7. Give something away. People love valuable freebies, even a short ebook, people will be really thankful.
  8. No spam. Ever.
  9. Post Regularly. Make sure people come back knowing there’ll be new information.
  10. Persevere.

Hope this is helpful everyone, and I sure hope this blog achieves the popularity mentioned! I’ve made it sound so easy icon wink How to Make Your Blog Popular

 How to Make Your Blog Popular


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