How to Sell Articles Online


Many of us got into blogging and website creation in the first place as an outlet for our writing skills, whether creative (fictional or funny) or informational, lots of popular bloggers take real pride in the articles they create. It may be the case that you started creating content online purely because of your love of a niche, for example if I were a motorbike fanatic and made a website about motorbikes, but once you know that a niche can make you money, and that cash is there to be made online, you might start to think about more and more revenue sources. Here is our guide on how to sell articles online.

The first step to take in order to sell articles online is to build a portfolio. The chances are, nobody is going to give you a second look if you haven’t already proven yourself somewhere. It’s just like any other job in that you have to accept that you’ll start off right at the bottom of the ladder. You can build this portfolio on your own niche sites (much like the one I’m writing on here), which can also be great for promoting your services (a simple page explaining that you’re available for hire writing articles). For the best results, you should guest on other peoples blogs, and you can find some great gigs over at

Next up, you need to make sure you keep an eye out for all the opportunities that might come your way. Sign up to oDesk and People per hour and start applying to the content creation job vacancies that are posted there pretty much every day. Another super resource for finding writing gigs that you can apply to is one created by the brilliant Darren Rowse himself, the jobs board over at is a revolving door for vacancies, so make sure you check back every couple of days and see if there’s anything your writing skills might be good for.

The Fiverr Debate

So how can I compete with everyone offering to sell articles for $5 on The truth is, when it comes to price, you cant compete, and if somebody is going to get an article written for the absolute cheapest possible, they’re going to go to Fiverr, but with so many awful sellers and scam artists there, Fiverr doesn’t have a good rep, which is where your selling point comes in; quality. It’s as simple as that, I can buy all the badly written articles I like on Fiverr but the vast majority of them will be trash. Make sure that your articles are quality, and you’ll find customers, not only this, they’ll probably come back again and again.

It’s simple really, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a competitive business and you have to be relentless in your search for work, but make sure you are in as many places as you can online and you’ll do okay. Happy writing, folks.

 How to Sell Articles Online


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