Improve Your Blog in Easy Steps


Any blogger worth his or her salt is constantly looking for ways to make improvements. Sometimes they’re obvious and easy, sometimes they’re ambitious and difficult, sometimes they’re staring you right in the face and you cant necessarily see them. We’ve put together a guide to improve your blog in easy steps. Some of the things listed are pretty obvious, and some of them might simply be things you’ve missed, some of them might be little gems we’ve picked up along the way to relative blogging success. The only thing they have in common is that they’re easy steps to take, and things that can spice up and improve your site with ease.

  • Encourage comments. Comments can create a real sense of community around a blog, but people sometimes need a little push. By encouraging people to comment, whether in a widget in a sidebar or in every post, you can start to build a group of engaged readers.
  • Post often. Not every post will be a ‘money post’, but regular content, even if it’s just sharing a simple list of things you’ve found and love online, can have benefits both for your audience and for SEO
  • Be personable. Even a simple profile picture or a little ‘about me’ section can give your blog a face and develop trust with your readers.
  • Link out. There should be no big taboo about sharing a little link love. Linking out of your site can show people other resources, and if they remember that you’re the one that pointed them in that direction, they’ll be thankful for it.
  • Evaluate your ads. You might have too many ads, or your chosen network might be showing irrelevant ads too often. Regularly check how the ads on your site are looking and if you think they compromise the experience of somebody visiting your site, cut back and make changes.
  • Check your Grammar and Spelling. This can be as simple as running a spell checker before publishing, but failure to do so can make you look really unprofessional, not an image you’ll want to project…
  • Make sure you have lots of engaging images. Not too many, of course, but people get overwhelmed by tons of writing and no images to break it down, have some attractive pictures to please the eye.
  • Make it scannable. Is your site ‘scannable’, by which I mean can the information somebody wants to gain be easily found just from a quick scan? Of course, you want to engage people further, but suggesting that the info is hard to come by will just make people look elsewhere.
  • Make sure your navigation is easy. The same as the above point, really, make sure your info is ‘filed’ correctly on your site and that articles can be easily found.


Any more easy steps to share with the community here at Dollars Per Day? Include them below in our comments section, we dont bite.

 Improve Your Blog in Easy Steps


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