My ‘.info’ TLD Niche Site Experiment


There seems to be a lot of talk about TLDs these days, in fact there probably always has been, but with Google’s new updates, people are debating all manner of SEO subjects, with the ending of your domain (.com, .net, .info etc.) one of the many talked about subjects.

As regular readers may already know, I like to experiment with a lot of web subjects here on – I consider it my testing ground, and a good platform to evaluate and share my experiences, so what better opportunity to explore the TLD debate by taking advantage of 1&1 Internet’s £0.99 .info domain offer My .info TLD Niche Site Experiment? That’s about $1.40 to you guys in the USA, and allows me a year to get my site generating cash before I am charged the full £10 a year.

What is a ‘.info’ domain? Well, it’s pretty self explanatory, a .info is designed for informational websites, but it’s undeniable that .com domains and even .net domains hold more authority when it comes to branding. However, for niche sites and micro-niche sites, we’re purely looking to rank highly for keywords and get people to the sites, so all we’re worried about is the SEO juice – will Google rank our sites sitting on .info domains just as well as it would if they were on .coms? Also, will the click through rate suffer as people avoid clicking on a .info domain when a .com is sitting right below?

So, what are the benefits of a .info site?

Well, there aren’t too many, truth be told. It is generally accepted that a .com is better for tons of reasons, and even argued that google will rank a .com higher (even though there seems to be little evidence for this; google ‘blackfriday’). The main reason for setting up a .info site is because the .com is taken.

In theory, of course, the .info should be for informational sites, and that’s exactly what a niche site does, right? Provide information? Personally, I think .infos will go on to gain more authority as time goes on, but undeniably will never rival .com when it comes to remembering and branding a domain.

The other key benefit for me, that 1 and 1 internet kindly provided, is that I’m risking just £0.99 every time I set up one of these sites. If I manage to set up 10 in the next month, I have lost just £10 if they end up making me no money whatsoever, and I’m sure each one can make me £1 back to put me into profit!

I’ll be sure to share the results on here, and I plan to get my first .info site up and running today! Please do comment and let me know your experiences with .coms vs .infos.

Happy blogging.

 My .info TLD Niche Site Experiment


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