Infolinks Review

infolinks_logo is probably the most popular in-text advertising service for bloggers and website owners. I implemented it on my site recently and it looks like I’ll be sticking with it, certainly for the time being. In this article I’ll cover information about infolinks and why I’m so impressed with their service.

Firstly, it’s easy to implement. Infolinks give you a code that you paste in the <head> area of your html code. Once you’ve done that, you can edit factors such as ‘link colour’ and how many links automatically get added to pages on your website from your control panel on the site.

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Secondly, it’s not intrusive. By simply highlighting the words in your existing text, infolinks creates advertising space on your website without you actually having to create any space for it yourself, which means it works brilliantly alongside any photo/rich-media/text ads already within your website.

Infolinks provide keyword based content which is relevant to your existing content, and although it’s not as good as google when it comes to displaying the right ads, they do know what they’re doing. Obviously having links which are relevant to your current content will probably increase click-through rate and in turn your earnings, everybody wins!

A key point which is easy to forget about your ads, is the time it takes for them to load on your site. This has an impact on your pagerank and SEO, so it’s important that your links load quickly. This is no problem at all with Infolinks as the code they use is instant, no fancy javascript like you might get via a flash ad on your site, so no need to worry about negative effects on your site.

There is some debate about in-text advertising, but many of the bloggers and webmasters I have talked to have found that in-text actually converts better than other advertising formats on your site. This is usually because you’re putting the advert somewhere it can’t be ignored, unobtrusively in the middle of your content – people are bound to hover over the link and if it is relevant or interesting they’ll click. It is a subject widely discussed but many people say that Infolinks brings them in more money than Adsense when running the two simultaneously. The right combination of both means that your chances of a click and earning some money are increased. Bonus.

The last point to be made about Infolinks is that they pay a high percentage of the money they take from the advertiser, as their website claims they have the “highest revenue share around”.

Infolinks wont make you a living unless you have a huge amount of hits, but it could provide a brilliant stream of revenue from your website. I would strongly recommend in-text advertising, and in my view, Infolinks are the way forward.

Hopefully my infolinks review was helpful, I’d love to hear from you. What are your experiences with Infolinks? Do you have screenshots of your earnings? Email me or leave me a comment below, I’ll keep updating this article with my experiences. Happy advertising.

 Infolinks Review


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