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I’m a long term follower of the Adsense Flippers. They’ve helped me in so many ways since I started out on my internet marketing journey, and now they’ve come up with yet another way to help by introducing their brand new ‘Intellitheme’ for your own niche sites.

What is Intellitheme?

Intellitheme is a premium wordpress theme designed to optimize your niche sites for maximum profitability and usability whilst giving users the opportunity to monitor and split test different layouts in order to see which works best. The theme is the brainchild of Justin and Joe from Adsense flippers and was developed with the help of their intern, John DeVries. If anybody knows how to optimize adsense sites it is these guys, with their experience creating and selling (or “flipping”) hundreds of these kind of websites.

Features of Intellitheme

  • Five preset layouts ready to activate.
  • Slider controls which dictate how often each preset appears (you can have two or three alternating, hence the split-testing).
  • Ready made advert areas. Simply create your ads in adsense and copy and paste, they’ll appear on the site and start tracking.
  • Controls over colors, fonts and tags as well as header image uploads.
  • Easy analytics. Just copy your analytics identification code, paste it in the designated area and you’re good to go.
  • Statistics including page views, clicks and CTR and the option to monitor these over a set period and compare one theme vs. another.

How Does Intellitheme Shape Up?

To test out intellitheme, I installed it on one of my existing niche sites and then created a completely new site to utilize the theme. The new site obviously hasn’t ranked yet, so I haven’t been able to check out the stats, but that’s why I’ve used an existing site too.

In the short time the theme has been installed on the site, I have already seen an increase in my click through rate, which is exactly what it is designed for. Something I’ve really struggled with along my journey is CTR, and some users have been reporting that theirs has increased to up to 6% – if that happens with the sites I have created my earnings will increase by around 500% and so far it is looking good! If it can up your click through rate like this then IntelliTheme can pay for itself in virtually no time.

To get to your ideal CTR and maximize the potential of your site you may have to tweak, but that is exactly what they’ve made easy to do.

It isn’t rocket science what the theme does, but it is clever, and does things that I haven’t really seen implemented well elsewhere online. I can see how the placement of the ads has a huge impact on click through, and they have clearly spent a long time testing exactly what works for them.

Your site might not look unbelievably beautiful, but the themes are nice enough. I could find nicer themes elsewhere if we’re just talking about aesthetics, but to be honest the purpose of my niche sites isn’t to look stunning, it is to be easy to use and make money, and I can’t imagine another theme doing this better.

What is Intellitheme NOT?

The theme isn’t going to change the way I do everything online. I’m sure Justin and Joe wouldn’t mind me saying that it probably isn’t the best for bigger authority sites and I do create those too, but for smaller niche sites, IntelliTheme will be my weapon of choice from now on.

In terms of the future for the theme. I would love to see them expand with a few more presets and perhaps another more “authority” style theme, which this one does not profess to being.

I would recommend the theme to anybody looking to build and monetize small niche sites and can have a huge impact on your earnings, which is the most important thing at the end of the day.

Value for Money

As I’ve already said, the theme can impact your earnings and pay for itself in almost no time depending on how many sites you’re running and how much money you’re already making. In most circumstances it is a win/win situation, and the $47 investment is well worth it.

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 Intellitheme Review


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