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This week, we are lucky enough to have an interview with Sean from Sean makes over $10,000 a month online – you can read the interview below, and make sure you check out his authority site here.

A little about Sean? (your background)
My name is Sean King, I’m 21 years old and I’m still a college student at UCSD. I never expected to become an entrepreneur or an Internet marketer. Growing up, I always thought you had to invent something in order to be an entrepreneur. And as far as making money online, I was sure it was all a scam. A year and a half ago, I stumbled upon an interview where a web owner that was my age was claiming he was making thousands of dollars online. This intrigued my interest in making some side money and launched the journey that I am in today.

As readers may know, you share your journey over at – what made you decide to share this information?
There are several reasons I have decided to share my journey. When I started blogging with my authority site, I realized that I really enjoyed sharing my experience and having an audience. It was gratifying to be able to write what I wanted and have people who actually cared to read my material. Unfortunately, my authority site is in the dating niche, which isn’t really my passion [I stumbled upon the niche accidentally]. It doesn’t make me excited to write about dating advice (I find my self procrastinating a lot), but I knew Internet marketing was a huge passion and interest of mine.

Secondly, since I already kept a private blog of my earnings and statistics for myself, I figured that if I published my information, other people would be interested and even learn from my experience. I found that for me personally, I learned the most from case studies from other bloggers. So I wanted to share my results in hopes that someone else could learn a valuable tip or two. Hopefully, at least one person will find bits of gold nuggets from my journey. That would make it all worthwhile for me.

So you’re in college, but making a full-time living online. When you’re done, will a 9-5 job await?
I will definitely NOT be getting a “real” job. I plan to take my online business and scale it full time. The only reason I am still in school is because my mom wants to see me graduate. If it weren’t for my mom, I’d definitely have already dropped out, lol.

Your site talks about many failures in your early days. How did you stay motivated?
I had many ideas that didn’t pan out exactly as I had hoped. While I call them “failures” on my blog, I don’t necessarily consider them failures because each project taught me something about what worked and didn’t work for me. For some reason, I KNEW I would someday be successful. I didn’t give myself any other choice. I knew that eventually I would hit an idea that was profitable, but it was a matter of getting through the ones that didn’t.

As soon as I realized my project wasn’t going to work out, I was always eager to start my next. I would say that my best quality about myself is my over-confidence. Although it may come off as egotistic, I truly believed in myself and knew I had the drive and passion to do whatever it takes to make it.

You’re reporting earnings of over $10,000 dollars a month now, can you break down a month’s earnings for us? Where does the cash come from?
My earnings are extremely simple. I only have two income streams but am in the process of diversifying those avenues. I make roughly $12,000 from eBook sales and I make roughly $1,000 from apparel sales that I have available on the website.

Your eBook sales are huge! What do your eBooks retail at and how do you make sure they’re selling? What is your marketing strategy for an eBook?
I’m still testing the price point for my eBook, but it seems to be the most stable at the $20-$25 price range. I do all of my marketing from social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. I used Facebook advertising to bring in a large bulk of my traffic. I’ve perfect my Facebook ad to convert at less than a penny per click so I’m able to drive massive traffic to my landing page for very little money.

The homepage of my site is a landing page for the eBook and then there is an option to skip over to the blog for those who are not interested or ready to purchase. On the blog, I provide quality content and promote the eBook at the bottom of every post and on the sidebar of every page. While not everyone will buy on the first time they land on my landing page, I’ve found that returning visitors eventually become customers after I’ve established their trust.

Do you tell people that you make a living online? What does the response tend to be?
Actually, the only people who know that I make money online are my immediate family, girlfriend, and a few Aunts and Uncles. It’s one of the biggest secrets I have to keep from my friends, which has been becoming more and more difficult.

Initially, I didn’t want to share what I was doing because I was hopping from one “failure” to another and decided it would be better to just wait until I was successful. Now that I have found some success, I find it difficult to explain and awkward to report how much I am earning at 21 years old.

What are Sean’s pearls of wisdom for the aspiring authority blogger or webmaster?
Fail as fast as you can. It might sound strange, but get through all the inevitable mistakes, learn from them, and grow. There are thousands of people who are successful online and they didn’t all take the same exact path or implement the same tactics. There are a million ways to “make it.” So learn from all the free information online and uniquely apply it to your own ideas. If you’d like more information on how I build my authority site, you can read more about my journey at

 Interview   Sean from


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