Is Social Media Really Useful?

like 300x195 Is Social Media Really Useful?If you keep up with trends on the internet then you’ve probably heard so much about social media that you’re sick of hearing the term.  Everyone, from marketers to major corporations, are turning their attention to social media.  The biggest problem, however, is that social media ROI is still nearly impossible to calculate.  This begs the quest of whether or not social media is actually useful or if people are just dazzled by the latest shiny object.

Is there an ROI?

Companies all over the world are spending significant amounts of money trying to break into the world of social media.  Ordinarily, a marketing strategy would need to prove its positive ROI before such large sums of money are allocated to it.  Social media, on the other hand, insists on being supported without proving itself in any solid way.

The biggest catalyst behind the debate about social media ROI is that some people are benefiting much more than others.  Unlike traditional forms of marketing, you can’t simply throw a lot of money at these platforms and expect to see a real return.  Social media actually requires a deep understanding of customers and readers as well as an ability to think creatively.

One reason that many companies aren’t seeing much of a return from their efforts, no matter how much money they spend on it, is that they’re stuck in the old way of thinking.  Social media truly is something new in the world.  When you really think about it, nothing like this has ever existed.  Operating in an old fashioned way yet expecting to dominate something brand new is a recipe for failure.

How to get an ROI

With this in mind, you might be wondering how to actually get a return from social media.  The key here is to get creative.  You need to break free of stale, old, marketing concepts and begin to look at things from the perspective of the typical user.

This is actually easier than most people think.  Nearly everyone with access to the internet is on one social media platform or another.  These accounts are often not related to work in any way.  People go on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr for fun.  They’re looking for something interesting, entertaining or informative.

The real secret to social media is getting your readers, fans, followers to share the things you post.  This can be planned for if you think about the type of things you share on your personal accounts.  People are unlikely to share advertising or an obvious marketing article but the love sharing anything humorous.  Stylish images are also popular because people feel as if the imagery helps define their personality.

A new age

This is a new age and social media is a bit of a wild frontier.  It’s also an even playing ground because a home business can, very easily, launch a more successful marketing campaign than a Fortune 500 corporation.  The best way to understand this new world is to spend some time in it.  Stop thinking like a marketer or business owner and start thinking like someone who is turning to the internet for entertainment.  Before long, you should begin to see a number of new strategies that can often be very effective while not costing very much at all.

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 Is Social Media Really Useful?


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