Joseph Archibald’s 40 Day Challenge: Review

40 day challenge

I’m going to start with a call to action today and say that if you don’t already know about Joseph Archibald, you need to check out his site. If you’re reading my blog on a regular basis, you probably want to achieve similar things to myself, and therefore you’ll definitely want to achieve similar things to Joseph. Check out his site.

Joseph is an internet marketer, and provides loads of amazing information on SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, Adsense…the list goes on. Jo has a solid grasp of these concepts and strikes me as the kind of guy who definitely does his research, so you can be sure the information he’s passing on is extremely valuable. What’s more, Jo writes with a verve and sense of humour you don’t often find in these parts, and believe me, when you’re wading through thousands of words of content, you’ll be thankful it’s from an author who can keep you smiling! Another reason I’m inspired by Jo is his ‘about me’ page, I wont go through his life story here, but it’s a tale that I’m sure will resonate with loads of us Internet marketers. Check it out on his site.

So what is the 40 day challenge?

The 40 day challenge is a well thought out ebook, that takes us through all of the stages Joseph went through on his journey to rank his site in the top five of google for its main keyword in…you’ve guessed it…40 days. The ebook covers subjects from keyword research to profitability, to on page and off page SEO and using web 2.0s and link building software to rank for a keyword. Joseph gives some insightful views on loads of the hot topics in the world of SEO, including a particularly interesting section on article spinning and so much more.

Who would I recommend the ebook for? Well, just about anyone looking to get into this game, and no, I’m not just saying that so that you’ll buy it through my affiliate link and make me moneys (though if you want to, that’s fine ;-)). Joseph finds a good way to take us through the process step by step in this ebook, and will not only fill you with knowledge, it will also fill you with a determination to follow in his footsteps. I’d suggest that you have a little knowledge of the SEO game before you buy, just so that you can get the most out of this book, but if you take as much from it as I did you’ll be absolutely delighted. At under $30, this ebook will pay for itself in good time.

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 Joseph Archibalds 40 Day Challenge: Review


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