Manage Flitter: The Best Way To Manage Your Twitter


I’m a serial Tweeter, I suppose. I have loads of blogs that justify haivng their own twitter account, so most of them do! It can be hard to manage multiple twitter accounts, as you can imagine, and I plan to post about that some day soon too, but for now, I’m going to talk about the best way to manage your twitter accounts individually, Manage Flitter.

What does Manage Flitter do, then? Well, it allows you to sort and categorise your followers, and the people you are following, on bulk. For example, Manage flitter will go through all of the people you are following, and tell you which ones are:

A) Inactive – haven’t tweeted for a certain amount of time.

B) Non English – not speaking your native tongue.

C) Not following you back.

D) Quiet – not tweeting regularly or

E) Talkative – tweeting a lot (and maybe too much).

Having sorted the people that you follow into groups, you are then able to unfollow them on bulk. If you want to get rid of all of those who aren’t following you back, you can.

So why is this useful? Well, you’re only allowed to follow 2,000 people on twitter until you have a certain  amount of followers yourself, and when you reach out and make a connection you may be expecting the tweeter in question to connect back and follow you. This allows you to manage your twitter in a way that will rake through them and quickly get rid of the ones you don’t want to follow anymore. A word of warning, though, don’t do this all at once, maybe ‘weed out’ your twitter by 50 people every day, as the guidelines state that irregular activity such as bulk following or unfollowing can be penalised and your account could be banned. This works well on Manageflitter’s free plan, which allows you to unfollow 100 people per account, per day.

So what does the paid version of Manageflitter do, that the free version doesn’t?

There are some very cool features on offer for free at, but if you want to use the whole range of their services, you’ll need to spend a bit to get access to it. So, is it worth it? In addition to the 100 unfollows a day, by paying for the service you can unfollow unlimited people, and you can follow people too, for example everybody who follows or @ mentions you. You can also track your twitter unfollows as they happen, and your new follows too. Packages start from $12, so if you have a bit of cash to spare it may be worth it. Either way, manage flitter is a tool you should definitely be using.

 Manage Flitter: The Best Way To Manage Your Twitter


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