Micro Niche Site Experiment: Part 2


Hello again beloved DPD readers. It’s over a week since I started my micro niche site experiment, and it’s DEFINITELY time for an update on my progress. So far, I’m pretty much on target for where I wanted to be with the site. The main reason I have decided to post today is because this morning I woke up and checked my analytics account to see my first ever organic hit to the website through a google search. I only launched the site a matter of days ago, so this is of course a good sign! It’s not for the keyword I’m targeting, but that’s okay, as I’ve talked about in the past, long tail keywords are absolutely vital too, and I dont expect to rank for my main terms for a month or two, certainly not on the first page anyway.

So what am I ranking for? The term that got me the click was one of my 5-6 mail terms that I’m angling for with the articles on the website, merely with a ’2012′ on the end. ’2012′ obviously ranked because google knows that the article in question was created and published in 2012, which is okay, but obviously we want longevity, and to be there not based on when we published, so I ran a test on the keyword without a ’2012′ on the end and sure enough, it was on page one! Not in those top 3 spots we one day want to reach, but page one will do nicely for a weeks worth of progress.

So what has got me there?

So far, I have done the following:

  • Set up the website using WordPress and a custom domain.
  • Created a Logo (busting out the photoshop skills).
  • Written Four articles, 500 words plus, good quality and relevant, with good outbound links.
  • Installed Adsense (I always do this straight away, as I see no benefit of waiting until your traffic is high first. With this project, if I dont get it right, my traffic may never even come close to what I want it to be, and I need to do everything I can to recoup the little bit of cash I have invested.
  • Installed ‘Yoast’ SEO plugin to optimise and analyse my articles for Google. (I ranked for some long tail keywords before I even optimised my article with meta keywords and description).

Things I haven’t done:

  • Finished writing my articles. I think 10-15 will be a good starting point. If I’m not making money with these after 6 months its not going to happen, but if they are, I might consider writing more.
  • ANY backlink building. I haven’t done any commenting, directory submission, social bookmarking or implemented anything I learned during my experiment buying backlinks on fiverr.
  • Improved my wordpress load time or other site-related SEO factors.

So what do I put my (tiny chunk of) success down to? I think that even if all I did was write the articles and leave them, I would get SOME traffic, because of the great selection of keywords that I’m angling for. With more on and off-page SEO techniques I’m confident I can get to the top (or at least top three) in google and bring in 15-20,000 visitors a month, minimum. Not bad for a micro-niche.

 Micro Niche Site Experiment: Part 2


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