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This is the first of a series of posts following my experiment with Micro Niches.

When I started blogging, I came into some pretty big niches. Currently, my biggest three blogs are this one, a blog about making money on the internet and therefore one with huge competition, a sports blog competing with a ton of other sports blogs, and a music industry blog, which is my smallest niche to date. All three of those take up sizeable chunks of the internet, and it isn’t easy to get to the top of Google when there are lots of voices saying similar things. That doesn’t mean I wont get there given time, but its going to be a long haul.

My reasoning for entering a smaller niche isn’t that I can get it to the top of google quicker, just that I would like to A) experiment with different types of sites and money making opportunities, and B) expand my portfolio and network of websites.

So what really is a Micro Niche?

I’ve heard differing opinions of the dividing line between niches and micro-niches. What makes it Micro? I’ve heard people define it as being a website with five informational pages or less. I disagree completely. I think of it as a subcategory to a category. Travel is a big niche, Holidays in Croatia is a micro-niche. People will disagree. Holidays in Croatia is probably still quite a big area, and I suppose if you went further and made a website about one specific area or region of Croatia, using my definition you’d have to call it a micro-micro niche! If we start defining micro niches as something like a certain brand of supermarket cola then we’ll get webmasters running thousands of sites about tiny tiny subjects, and I, for one, am not too keen on that.

So what is my Website about?

I wont be revealing the domain or the exact subject of my site until it is fully designed, so you’ll have to keep up with my journey to find out. What I will say, is that it is music related. I have another music industry blog as you may already know. My new project could have slotted in to Zedara.com, but I decided against it, it would have been a loose fit at best as it’s not 100% relevant, plus I wanted to turn it into its own entity.

Baby Steps

Firstly, I did my keyword research. The results were great. Check it out:

keyword research 300x31 Micro Niche Sites   My Experiment

The above is one of three key search terms I’m looking to rank number one in. The others have similar search volumes. Remember to look for “Exact” or “Phrase” terms rather than “Broad” on the Keyword Tool if you want to make sure you’re getting accurate results.

Secondly, I registered my domain with 1&1 Internet Micro Niche Sites   My Experiment. For the first time I was able to focus my choice of domain on keywords. Most of my other websites, I’ve wanted to build and create a brand, and though I’d like to do this with my new site, I decided that for SEO purposes it was really important to get my main keyword in the domain. I hit the jackpot, really. My single most important keyword, followed by ‘HQ’ was available. I ended up with just a nine letter domain that is just about as relevant as I could possibly get.

I installed a WordPress theme. I dont claim to know a huge amount about how themes affect SEO, but the one I have used has served me well in the past.

I started working on content. I’m aiming for five pillar articles to start with. Some of the information is searched for over and over again (10-50,000 times a month) and the competition truly is low. I’m very excited about it.

Next steps

Finishing the Website! I know what I’m like, I’ll look to get this set up really quickly. By this time next week I’m sure the site will be live with plenty of content, so keep your eyes peeled for the next step of my journey. I’ll also be implementing the Plugins I like to use for SEO, and going through my off-page SEO methods including buying backlinks on fiverr and more. When my SEO is sound I’ll be implementing some ads, both affiliate and adsense. I’ll then continue to write earning reports for the site to keep you in the loop!

 Micro Niche Sites   My Experiment


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