Micro Niche Sites – Not Worth It Anymore?

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As any experienced Internet Marketer will tell you, making a living online is an art that is constantly changing and evolving. When I got into the game, micro niche sites were popular, and having an “exact match domain” for the keyword you were targeting could help to propel you to the top spots in Google even with a small site. This is becoming more and more difficult to do, and though you do find these kind of sites in the top spots of Google, it might not be the wisest business model, so are micro niche sites dying?

What is a Micro Niche Site?

So that we’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, I’m going to lay down my definition. Micro Niche Sites are 1-5 page sites that target an extremely specific keyword. These kind of sites will target a keyword such as “red shoes for men”, buy a domain that matches the topic and build out a small site with that keyword heavily targeted. A niche site or authority site is more likely to be about shoes, or men’s fashion, and to target the keyword with an article instead of a whole site.

The EMD Update

Google has released a series of updates that target smaller sites, lower quality sites and sites with fewer pages, which have served to kill off a LOT of smaller sites. Not all of them, but a lot. It was called the EMD update because the exact match domains were a lot less powerful after it, and having “redshoesformen.org” for example would probably not be enough to get you to page one. Of course, there are some sites that only ever need one page, as the search query can be answered with one page, such as “what is the time?”. Google will never completely ignore one page sites but that doesn’t mean it isn’t more beneficial to have multiple pages.

Why I Err On The Side of Authority Sites

An Authority site is pretty much what it says on the tin, a big resource of authoritative information on a website. A lot of internet marketers who would once upon a time have focused on smaller sites are now focusing on these larger authority sites. They are still within a niche, they just cover a broader range of subjects. So what are the benefits?

  • More likely to be linked to. People see a big authority site with loads of great info, they’re more likely to link to it than a one page site.
  • Google holds it in higher esteem. Google loves content, new content, lots of content and content that interlinks. A 100 page site about Pianos will often hold more weight than a 10 page site about pianos.
  • More profit. It makes sense that if you cover a big range of topics you can achieve higher traffic and make more money out of your website.
  • Mailing Lists and Social Networks. Have you ever signed up to the mailing list of a one page site? No? Me neither. If I see a huge site with loads of new articles added regularly, though, I will sign up so that I don’t miss out or follow on social networks. The holy grail of niche sites is not to have to rely on search engine traffic, and this allows you to build an audience outside of the big G.
  • You can establish yourself as an expert. It stands to reason that people will trust the opinion of somebody providing 100 great articles than just one. Become the one person in your niche providing huge amounts of great info and you will be the expert, which will increase not only reputation but affiliate sales (due to a more trusted opinion), more back links and recommendations. Set out to be the best.
  • It’s cheaper. If you set up 1,000 sites with three pages on each you are going to have to shell out a fortune. One site with 3,000 pages is still only one site and will cost you a LOT less. If you don’t have a lot of capital to invest then this should definitely play a part in your decision.


I’m not going to go so far as to say that micro niche sites aren’t worth making, as I have some that are ranking and making money, but my focus is now definitely on authority sites with dozens and even hundreds of pages of quality, relevant content.  In the modern age of Google, it just makes a lot more sense.

 Micro Niche Sites   Not Worth It Anymore?


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