My Most Influential Bloggers


I’ve been into the world of Internet Marketing and Blogging for quite a while now. My interest began years ago but I only really started putting a lot of effort into learning the art of blogging and running my own blogs in 2012. I don’t regret taking the plunge and spending the hundreds of hours building out my blogs at all, and I owe a lot to the following bloggers.

Some of the list below I’ve spoken to a lot, some I’ve spoken to a little, and some I’ve never had any contact with other than listening to their inspirational words via their sites or podcasts, but they all have a lot to offer the aspiring blogger. Some of those on the list are

Without further ado, my most influential bloggers are:

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Pat is one of the more famous bloggers on the list, and his experiences of running niche sites, his podcast, his blog and his digital product creation are amazing. He coined the ‘Be Everywhere’ phrase that has become the mantra of bloggers everywhere, and says that losing his job was one of the greatest things that happened to him in his career. One of the many reasons I love Pat is how open he is with his methods and how he is earning money online, as he posts his income reports every month (something that’s quite fashionable with bloggers). He does all of this with immense grace and modesty in spite of earnings of roughly $50,000 most months. Impressive. - Pat’s site.

Mike from Maine.

Mike Thomas of Mike from Maine is a more recent discovery for me. I first heard about him through the Adsense Flippers (they’re coming up later on the list) and when I started following his blog I realised that this guy knew what he was talking about. He sells sites and dabbles in other online incomes, but what I love most about Mike’s site is the interviews he posts every weekday with influential bloggers, marketers, SEO pros and more internet professionals. I learn something every day from reading Mike’s site, and you should definitely subscribe to his video feed at the very least. - Mike’s Site

Adsense Flippers.

I don’t even know how I found Adsense Flippers’ site, but I am extremely glad I did. Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti work out of the Phillipines, they build and sell niche sites and are one of my key resources for info on SEO, selling sites and content creation. They also run TryBPO, a business process outsourcing company. For a good idea of the work these guys are doing, check out their amazing podcast! Perfect for long hours in the gym or drives to work.

Adsense Flippers - Justin and Joe’s site.

Darren Rowse – ProBlogger

Darren is perhaps the most famous blogger out there. His ProBlogger book is one for every blogger and internet marketer’s Kindle, and is immensely insightful for a whole range of subjects. Some of Darren’s best pearls of wisdom relate to building a community around his photography blog, making money from Amazon affiliate schemes and content creation.

ProBlogger - Darren’s Blog

The Lifestyle Business Podcast

Okay, it’s technically a podcast, but they do bust the occasional blog post too. Dan and Ian are entrepreneurial geniuses, and share an insight into their successful businesses in the podcast. From cat furniture to internet marketing, their views and opinions are inspiring and helpful in your entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as being really cool guys who will make you laugh along the way.

The Lifestyle Business Podcast

Seth Godin

Seth is a marketer first and foremost. His books and entrepreneurial pursuits are remarkable, and have resonated through the world of marketing. His blog delivers amazing advice to help you out in your day to day tribulations on an almost daily basis. Seth is a really clever guy, and he isn’t trying to make any money out of his blog, just share his wisdom and enhance his reputation. He’s a real digital age trendsetter, and an intriguing person to follow and interact with.


My list is still evolving, and new bloggers influence me every day, whether they’re making money online or not, but these are the guys who stand out at this moment in time. Quite a few have only just missed out on the list (sorry) and I will no doubt be posting interviews and info about prolific bloggers as time goes by. For now, leave me a comment and let me know who I should be reading over winter 2o12 and beyond!

 My Most Influential Bloggers


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