Online Income Without Investment – A Guide


The majority of readers here at Dollars Per Day are in search of some form of online income. These days, there are loads of ways to make money online, as long as you have some skills to offer and are willing to work hard at it. I also understand that times may be hard for a lot of people out there, and we dont all have money to burn or even invest, as much as we would like to. For that reason, I’m writing about the best ways to make online income without investment. Of course when I say ‘without investment’, there are some expenses you cant avoid, such as an internet connection, and some form of laptop or computer! I’m going to assume, however, if you’re reading this, that you already have those…

So lets get going with a list of ways to make online income without spending any money to get you started.

  1. A blog hosted on wordpress or blogspot. Now, I love using my own domain, and branding a website or blog, but I did start off (like many people) on free blogging platforms such as Blogspot or WordPress. It’s pretty easy to set up a blog, and though the earning potential isn’t quite as high, just like the options for expansion, it is possible to get a load of traffic and make money on free blogs.
  2. Get some videos on Youtube! Youtube opened up to partners a few years back, which allows members of the public to make money by getting hits to their videos. They can be reviews, funny videos, serious videos…the list goes on. There are loads of examples of people building big businesses by enthralling the public with their videos, why not try and be the next?
  3. Sell your services. The internet can be a brilliant marketplace to sell your services. Whether you’re good at writing, SEO, making music or graphic design…the list of services that people are looking for is almost endless. You can sell on Fiverr if you’re looking for selling on mass rather than getting big paydays, or look at some more specialist sites such as peopleperhour or eLance.
  4. Sell your art. Zazzle, and websites of a similar ilk, allow people to sell their artwork on loads of different platforms from t shirts to mugs to canvasses, whether you’re good at drawing, design or photography, if you can create something commercially viable, people will buy it, and you can make extra pennies.
  5. Sell something for stock. Stock photography, video and audio are often sourced online. If you have skills in any of these areas then selling your creations can be a brilliant way of bringing in some cash, or even a full time wage. Build up a portfolio of your music, video or photos and sell them on a marketplace such as Shutterstock or 123rf. Stock industries are valuable, and there’s good money to be made if you’re talented.
 Online Income Without Investment   A Guide


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