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It seems like everyone’s involved in the blogging business now, right? It is often claimed that there are over 180 million blogs in the world. Try and get your head around that, 180 million people all with their own slice of the internet. Of course, there are blog topics and subjects that crop up over and over again. The point of this list is not to tell you what it is acceptable to blog about, but to show you what there’s a lot of already out there. Of course, the popular topics are popular for a reason, and there are lots of people looking for this information, but that doesn’t mean you cant carve out a niche for yourself writing on a more specialist or diverse subject.

Here are some of the most popular blog topics:

Sports – It seems that most sports fans have an opinion that they want to share with the world, and Sports blogs are ten a penny. Often, these blogs will follow one specific sport or even one specific team.

Frugality – This is a topic that has shot to popularity over recent years along with the economic downturn most of the world has been experiencing. Similarly to all of the coupon and group buying sites we see, everyone wants to save a buck, and frugality blogs with tips on how to do this are extremely topical.

Music – Ah, the infamous music blog. These really are all over the internet, but that’s not a bad thing! Music is another topic where people all have opinions to share, and with the opportunity to gain popularity and even make money reviewing your favourite tracks, this is of course a very popular subject to base your blog on.

Health and Beauty/Weight Loss – The media is always showing us how we should look, and blogs about it are big business. Weight loss is something people are searching for all the time and can make good money too. Makeup and beauty blogs are also popular.

Movie Blogs – Similarly to music blogs, many people start these as a platform to share their opinions and write about the movies they love.

Celebrity – Perhaps the oldest form of blogging! Celebrity blogs such as that of Perez Hilton taught us that money was there to be made, and that news travels fast.

Er…Blogging – Blogging and money making are topics often covered online. As you can see from the blog you are reading. Clever, right? Another subject loads of people want to know and search for day to day.

Travel Blogs – Sorry to tell you that you’re not the first person to want to travel the world and make money in the process by writing about it. It can still be done though, and some countries specifically are relatively untapped by bloggers, but this is a topic that loads of people want in on.


Remember that what came before is only a slight indicator of what can come ahead. Don’t blog about things just because you’ve read similar blogs, be inventive and help the industry keep moving forward. Happy blogging, folks.

 Popular Blog Topics


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